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5 Tips to improve your game away from the tables.
Written by: Hoodlincs · Date Added: 29 Nov, 2011 · Number of views: 6117
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Poker is a very technical game and if you want to succeed you need to spend time learning away from the tables. This can be done in a variety of ways and some will be much more beneficial than others. Here are some great tips from my own experiences, which should help you considerably.

1)Filter in Hold'em manager for VPIP = TRUE. This will show every hand where you put money into the pot which wasn't the blind money, and allows you to replay essentially every hand you chose to play during the session. From here you can start to select hands for further analysis, but the main thing you should be asking is 'where could I have won more money' or 'where could I have lost less money'?

2)Record your session using screen recording software. You can watch this session back and try to pick up on spots you missed. For example, where you made too tight of a fold preflop, or missed a great opportunity to 3bet. This is a really good method for developing a sense of gameflow, as you will be easily able to watch the games developing during the video and noticing how people react/ adjust to each other. It is also a great opportunity to see whether you auto pilot, which is the problem associated with playing too many tables or too many hours. Of course, if you are a premium member here, you can upload a video for free for our coaches to review for you.

3)Use Pokerstove to look at some river value betting spots. The vast majority of your winnings at micro and small stakes should come from showing down the best hand (fish don't like to fold, right!?) so try and look for spots you missed value on, particularly the river. You should hate it when you check back the river and have the best hand. Filter in holdem manager for SAW RIVER = TRUE, RIVER CHECK = TRUE, WON HAND/ SHOWDOWN = TRUE. And then look in Pokerstove to put in your hand, your opponents range, and see if you have more than 50% equity vs it. If you do, try to find some value.

4)Think about the opponents you struggle to play against. Think about what it is they do well which is tough to play against. Whether its a fish or regular who you struggle against, try to work out why. For example, I struggle against people who multi-barrel a lot, and so therefore when I am playing vs other regs I think to myself that I would be much tougher to play if I was more aggressive, and its something that I am trying to build into my game more and more.

5)Use the forums effectively. Forums are a great way to learn and you can post as many hands as you like for advice. All the advice is free and posting hands is free, so make the most of it. All you do is find the hand history file in holdem manager or from the pokersite on which you play, and copy/ paste it into the hand history converter on our site. Enter as many details as you have on the opponent, remove the result of the hand (the best advice comes when we don't know the result as then there's no bias), and create the new thread.
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