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About Me

Hey, my name is Aylon Manor I've been playing poker for four years, PLO for about three.

I specialize in PLO cash, playing between 1-2 and 25-50 on fulltilt and pokerstars with good success. It is my opinion that the PLO games in general are much softer than no limit holdem. The general leaks of the population are quite basic and easily exploitable by usage of standardized preflop and postflop play.

Unlike holdem, in omaha concepts such as balancing, levelling, merging and other complicated high stake maneuvers are less vital to successful winrates (since people can't fold hands :-))

The value of position is much higher in Omaha than in holdem, yet strangely people play passively out of position even more so in PLO.

My Philosophy

My philosophy in PLO would be to start with studying the basic fundamentals - preflop ranges, 3betting ranges, assessment of preflop hand values. This would be much more important than learning to adjust to specific opponents and situations to begin with.

In addition, improving postflop aggression is key to taking down many uncontested pots and finding good situations to bluff - which are a lot less common in PLO than in holdem - bluffing is a bit trickier when people have more cards.

My Coaching

I'm open to coaching either PLO regulars looking to fine tune their game and move up in stakes (up to around 25/50) or NLHE players looking to transition smoothly to the more profitable (and swingy :) ) PLO games.

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