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Johnathan Chan
United Kingdom
NLHE Cash - full ring, NLHE Cash - full ring, NLHE Cash - 6 max, NLHE Cash - heads up, NLHE Tournaments, PLO Cash
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Hi everyone,

My name is Johnathan Chan (Johnny Chan) and I am a semi-professional poker player. I am a British-born Chinese but have roots and family from Hong Kong having spent 12 years there. I currently have a full-time job as a Financial Services Associate for Standard and Poor’s (not in ratings so please skip the credit crunch abuse thanks).

My poker ‘career’ started in my university playing SnGs with friends. We would buy in for 1 pound and play for hours. High roller events would be 5 pound buy ins. I started off really loose and aggressive already raise betting like mental and trying to make people fold their hands.

So I experienced good success playing live and deposited over a couple of sites and managed to make a little money on the side playing on PKR (it was the fishiest site ever, me included). I only started taking online poker a little bit more seriously in my final year December 2008 where I deposited 40 dollars and played 0.01/0.02c. Within a 2 month period I had already gone through 2NL, 5NL, 10NL, 25NL, 50NL and was playing 100NL February 2009. Of course I ran good and moved up quick so when I tried to shot 200NL, I was battered badly. Started my fulltime job June 2009 and kind of hung around 50NL which was my bread and butter.

August 2009 was one of the worst times for me. I had 3k left in my roll playing 50NL 100NL and was tired of the variance (I was pretty bad then with a lower winrate which meant variance was huge). I had just lost 300 and decided to flip for evens. Went on the worst flip run in my life. I lost 8 flips out of 8 starting from a 100 flip, did a few of those and went on to lose some 200 and 400 flips. I had lost 2k in 8 flips and was left with a 1k roll on Stars, 75 dollars on FTP.

I decided to give up poker and withdrew the remaining 1k on Stars. For some reason I decided to leave the 75 dollars on FTP just to play $5 HU SnGs for fun. Ran it up to 125 dollars crushing HU SnGs. Was tired of that, degens gonna degen so went to play 50NL HU. I will never forget the hand where I called an all in shove for my whole roll with A high on the river and was good. Stuck to 50NL HU and ran it up to 500 and decided to move back to 6max. I moved straight into 50NL and by mid 2010 was back to playing 100NL after hitting 8k bankroll.

Moved up to 200NL as a breakeven player towards end of 2010 and studied a lot during the Christmas break of 2010. This meant posting very actively on online forums and questioning every decision I made in every hand. Started 2011 with a completely new mindset and these are my results since Jan 1st 2011.

I have made quite a few videos and articles and these will be a good indication of my ability to explain situations and my thought processes.

A normal coaching experience would first be a video review where I watch a pre-recorded session of you playing with commentary on your decisions. I will identify areas of improvement and ask you to prepare for the next session based on those areas. Future sessions will most likely be video or hand history reviews.

I currently charge $80/session about 1 hour but I do not clockwatch and will be happy to go past the time length to complete a topic.

If you are interested in getting free coaching while being staked by me, I will be open to applications as well, just send me your details and we can talk more.

Customer References
DragonWarrior · 11 Dec, 2011 · Known for 1 month · Previous Student
I just had my first session with Mr Chan and I only have got one word for it: very nice
liszt · 18 Jul, 2011 · Known for 1 month · Previous Student
I just had my first session with John, I had a list of topics I wanted to go over and we went over them in the first half of the session. John was able to cover theory topics very well despite being a more of a feel player, and he definely helped my game tendremously. I'm looking forward to my next session with him !
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USD $75 per hour
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