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Jan Klaassen
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Hi guys,

My name is Jan, 20 years old and I study economics. I love to drink beer with friends, sport a little bit, going on holidays and obviously playing poker.

Here are my recent playing stats:

Coaching experience:

I am quite new to coaching to be honest, but I do have some experience. I already coached two guys at 5/10NL, and they really liked it because they believed I made them winning players. When I was 17 I also helped people at school with their homework/exams once a week and really enjoyed that too. That’s why I decided I wanted to coach more often.


I think the best way to improve for you is that we review some hands in your Holdem Manager (you can select the hands before we start if you like) where you explain your thought process to me, and we see how you can improve, and also by doing sweat sessions. We can use teamviewer or mikogo and we will talk with skype. Obviously it’s no problem if you have another idea.

Rate: $15 an hour, 5 hours for $60.

If you don’t like the coaching, please tell me within a few minutes, and I will definitely give you your money back because I think it’s important to have satisfied customers.

Note: I coach up to 25NL.

Please send me a message if you are interested.

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USD $15 per hour
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