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Maz Keshavarzi
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Hi small stakes players,

My name is Maz Keshavarzi, I'm 26 years old and have been playing poker for 4 years. I've played the majority of my hands at 100nl and lower.

I take a very aggresive approach to the game. I have an incredible redline on my graphs which is due to effective value betting - A lot of people think a sick redline is due to bluffing a lot but I only bluff when I think it is game theory optimal.

It's important to get coached by someone who is familiar with the stakes that he is coaching and I still regularly play as low as NL25.

It's also important for the coach to be a good teacher. Being a good teacher is a function of several things but a big part of it is wanting to help people, and taking pride in the fact that your students got a lot out of your coaching.

That's why I give my coaching with a full money back guarantee, if you're not satisfied after the first hour you don't have to pay for it!

Motivational and psychological sessions are included with the coaching.

Also, please check out my blog!!

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