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Daniel Haase
Las Vegas
United States
NLHE Cash - full ring, NLHE Cash - 6 max
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About me

Hi. My name is Daniel and I’ve been a professional poker player since 2007. During that time I have made a decent albeit unspectacular living and have probably earned somewhere in the neighborhood of $200,000 while only playing around 20,000 hands per month.
Here is a graph of the current database I have on my computer.

I’ve played on three or four different machines that aren’t graphed there. Below is a graph from January to June of 2009 that was originally posted here:

Most recently I’ve put in some volume at 100nl Rush (February of 2011) and have played 50k hands winning at 6.5bb/100.

My specialty is deep stacked poker. I remember the day Full Tilt opened up the deep tables — those strange looking tables with the odd-blind structures ($.75-1.50, $1.50-3.00, etc.). I sat down by myself and waited for action. I repeated this every day that I played for years. Whenever I read the 200bb+ deep strategy threads I find very good 100bb players suggesting what are, in my opinion, terrible ways to play deep hands. Here is some proof that my approach to deep stack poker is profitable:

My style

I play and teach a TAG style that differs somewhat from standard 2p2 TAG. I call it smartNIT, but I use that term facetiously. I’ve always felt that a lot of weak poker players are able to win at a decent rate because they cover up their leaks using aggression. We will definitely be aggressive where we need to be, but we will work on having a fundamentally strong, thinking person’s game that makes intelligent and egoless decisions in order to best relieve our button smashing monkey opponents of their money.

My program

For the time being I am offering database and video reviews. I only play 6max NLHE and I specialize in deep stack play but am competent at 100bbs.

I am also not a proponent of individual lessons. I don’t think in one or two hours I could figure out how you approach the game well enough to bring about substantive improvement.

With that in mind, I am offering a program where you send me a recent sample of your hands (preferably something like 50k hands) that are reflective of your current play style. I’ll spend time analyzing your stats and your play of specific hands and record a video (probably about an hour long) discussing the leaks I find. I’m also quite competent with what I feel are optimal stat ranges for many of the lesser-known HEM stats so I’ll spend some time going over how to best use HEM to review your play.

A week or two later, after you’re able to put in some sessions incorporating some changes I’ve recommended, you will record a video of yourself playing for 45 minutes and I’ll watch it and provide a voiceover commentary.

The price for this package is $200 payable via Full Tilt Poker, or Paypal (although if you pay via Paypal the total is $208 due to their 4% surcharge.

Customer References
j10s · 21 May, 2011 · Known for 6-12 months · Previous Student
I recently had another review session with Daniel after going through his 8 session program back at the end of last year. He went over my most recent hands and was really thorough and precise with his analysis. He has a way of communicating that is really easy to understand and apply, and has a way of sticking in your head. He's probably done more for my game than any book or video I've ever viewed. I can't recommend him more.
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