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Rui Ming Yong
New Zealand
NLHE Cash - full ring, NLHE Cash - 6 max, NLHE Cash - heads up, NLHE Tournaments
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My name is Rui and I am a 19 year old student from Auckland, New Zealand.
I am coaching and I specialise in 180-man turbo SNGs on PokerStars. I am also qualified and comfortable teaching 6-man and 9-man SNGs (turbo and non-turbo) and micro-stakes cash games (FR and 6-max).
I am a DeucesCracked coach where I am making videos; primarily for 180-man turbo SNGs. I have played all buy-ins of the 180-man videos and done well at every level from $2.20 - $36, and of course am confident with the new buy-ins introduced recently too.

I first began playing poker with a few friends in some home games every couple of months and eventually started playing online at the beginning of 2010.
I've played on a few various sites clearing all sorts of bonuses but eventually shifted the significant majority of my play on PokerStars.

I have developed my game through various sources, primarily by posting and reading on 2p2 where I also post as OMGClayDol, as well as having read a couple of books and watched some videos.
After around 6 months of casual play at the micro stakes, I eventually began playing higher volume of games and doing well, particularly in what I primarily consider my expertise to be in; the turbo 180-man SNGs.
I've also played turbo 9-mans SNGs with good results up to the $60 level. More recently I have received some coaching for various games and believe my game is as strong as ever.

I have recently started coaching and this includes one full time student; camzace who has after just 6 sessions crushed the 180-man games.
I thoroughly enjoy coaching and definitely believe my coaching will be of great benefit to students looking to crush SNGs. I believe I am very effective in explaining concepts about poker to students in a way that is easy to understand and apply.
I genuinely care about my students' success and I like to keep a strong relationship with students even after our coaching relationship is over. I am happy to keep in regular touch via e-mail and answer any questions via Skype or e-mail between sessions for no additional fees.
I typically use Skype and screen-sharing software to go over hand histories or any questions students may have, and am also very flexible with my teaching style - if a student wants a session done in a particular manner I am more than happy to accommodate!

I am offering my coaching for a very low introductory rate! For SNGs at just $60 an hour, I believe my coaching is an absolute bargain and will very quickly pay for itself.
In addition, I also offer discounts of $250 for 5 hours or $450 for 10 hours! AND the first hour is money back guarantee - meaning if you don't like the session or my style for any reason you don't have to pay! Get in quick - these low rates will likely go up very soon.
If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to e-mail me at fishnchipspoker@gmail.com
For Micro-Stakes cash games and 6/9-man SNGs I will have a lower rate available - just contact to negotiate!

Here are my results for 180s:

The 9 mans:

as well as the student I coached (camzace):

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USD $60 per hour
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