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Peter K
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Hi guys my name is Pete and I am happy to be a part of Higher Level Poker. I believe this is a great training site at a great value and has good people involved with it. I hope I can add something to the mix.

I have been playing online poker since December of 2005 when I started playing 25NL on Bodog with $200 I had from selling an Xbox and some games. I have never deposited any more of my own money and have made a few hundred thousand dollars playing poker, mostly on Cake Poker and Full Tilt.

I play a very aggressive and unorthodox style, so I hope I will be able to help you view the game in a new way.

I also coach midstacking, which is when you buy in for 40-80 big blinds and build stacks from there. I don’t always buy in for a midstack, usually just at 400NL and at 200NL when my bankroll dictates it. I have been very successful doing it and think it’s a really easy way to play in a way that reduces variance.

Graphs of all hands on my database, a lot of 200NL and some 400NL Rush on Full Tilt, as well as some lower stakes stuff:

Midstacking 1/2 and 2/4 rush on Full Tilt:

50NL and 100NL play (6max and full ring) with 100bbs:

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