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Kyle Garner
United States
NLHE Cash - full ring, NLHE Cash - 6 max
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I started playing almost 2 years ago, figured out how to mass table and get tons of rakeback, back then I thought I would be rich 16 tabling 100nl with a 1BB/100 WR. Then I got coached for the first time, realized how horrible I was and began working on improving. I met a couple of other online guys and chatted strategy with them, improved a bit more. I was then mediocre but still not very good. Then I started working with my current coach who absolutely changed the way I think about NLHE entirely, playing the game with a new perspective. Currently I play a mix of 200nl/400nl Rush and do very well for myself. Rush is my area of expertise and I haven't really played hands outside of Rush Poker except when taking shots at higher stakes which are not offered at Rush currently.

My stats and graph for 2011 so far are shown below:

I'm very excited to coach as I know how much it helped me progress and I would love to do the same for others, as long as they are willing to work hard. I'm a firm believer in hard work at, and more importantly, away from the tables. I plan on taking a keen interest in all of my students therefore keeping my availability fairly limited.

I'm also very open to staking/coaching combinations with students who work hard and have trustworthy references, or have built a rapport with me personally. The sky is the limit!

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Shipit2kg 4-tabling 200NL Rush
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