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2 weeks down now in Thailand and it's been pretty awesome so far. Have met up with lots of the other guys that live here - theres probably around 30-40 at least. Theres sports going on 4-5 times a week (football, volleyball, basketball), I've found a decent gym thats not too far from me and also found an awesome market which sells fresh chicken breast at $4/kilo. unfortunately I've also found a nice pizza place run by some italian dude which is really close to my house, so healthy eating hasn't ...
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Have been here for a few days now and its been pretty awesome so far. My sleep pattern has been really messed up so haven't gone out partying yet and actually missed what was supposed to have been a sweet house party a couple nights ago because jetlag (and maybe being a bit of a ****y) caused me to pass out early evening. I'm enjoying the house a lot, its really sick and quite secluded - takes at least half hour to walk to any kind of decent sized supermarket or corner store, and we are the on...
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Hong Kong report/pics whatever
Added: 21 Jul, 2011
figured people would want mainly pics so ill just include a bunch of them with some random captions where necessary. basically hong kong is a mountainous island with a bunch of skyscrapers on it, there is also some stuff on the mainland which is only seperated by a tiny stretch of water. it has the most skyscrapers of any city in the world, and theres some pretty cool architecture. the parks in the middle of the city are wicked but when you walk along the streets its super polluted. public tr...
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I just arrived in Hong Kong a few days ago, will be flying to Bangkok on Tuesday and travelling through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia until my flight home to the UK just before xmas. Have met a few people travelling who have been to the places I listed and they said they had an awesome time, so hopefully I will love it too! will be trying to keep making videos/articles however I wont be playing poker very much because not only do I have no access to full tilt, but also the in...
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