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Poker NewsAntonius talks about his problems with Full Tilt

Antonius talks about his problems with Full Tilt

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Fri 21 Oct, 2011
Patrik Antonius says he will be a huge loser if Full Tilt Poker don't find an investor. Speaking in Cannes at the WSOPE, he said:

"This one person made an attack on me, saying I had only $100 in my account. He was right but he’s not right that I’m not a very big loser in this."

"I'm also concerned how this person got the account balance and why he’s spreading around confidential information,”

ALthough confirming he has little money in his personal account, he says that money owed to him by others will be coming from their accounts, and therefore if Full Tilt can't pay players back, Antonius will be end up out of pocket to the tune of over $5 million.

“A lot of people owe me a lot of money and if Full Tilt goes down completely it’s going to be very difficult for them to pay,” he said.

He says one individual in particular owes him $2.4 million and that player’s ability to pay him back rests entirely on Full Tilt Poker continuing to do business, which seemed like a distinct possibility after they claimed to have found an investor

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