Higher Level Poker
RIP Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs)

On the 6th February 2012, Jack Wilcox tragically died in a motorbike accident in Phuket, Thailand where he had been living for the past month in a poker fraternity.

Jack Wilcox was a co-founder of Higher Level Poker – his idea and passion was to help others improve their poker skills. He contacted myself in 2010 to build a website that would become the “Facebook of poker”, aimed at small to mid stakes poker players. For many of us who knew him, you could clearly see this was his goal. He put many hours of his time into this website at the expense of actually playing poker and at the time of his passing, he was working on an eBook packed with strategy and tips to help our members improve. You can see the effort he put into this website by the number of videos he has produced. And all of this effort come from his desire to offer his value to the world.

Jack was well respected among the online poker community. The poker thread on the 2+2 forums (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/39/small-stakes-pl-nl/jack-wilcox-1163278/) has over 15 pages of tribute messages for Jack, some quotes from various people:

  • Chatted a lot of strategy on Skype with him, great guy :'(
  • He was a really nice guy and really friendly, RIP such a shame.
  • We only began speaking recently but you were a great guy and left a profound impact in our lives. Thank you.
  • I once had the pleasure of sitting next to Jack in a live game when he was just finishing up university and he told me all about his hopes, fears and thoughts of 'going pro'. I spoke to him for a couple of hours and he's definitely the most genuine and likeable guy I've ever met (and am likely to ever meet) at a poker table.
  • He was a fantastic guy and nothing was ever too much trouble.
  • We need more people like Jack to set as good of an example as he did.
  • I only talked to him on Skype (quite a bit) but Jack was one of the nicest guys I met through poker.
  • RIP Hoodlincs, you were my favourite coach and one of my favourite people to Skype with.
  • Guys like this are hard to come by, that's for sure.
  • Jack was a great guy and quite instrumental in helping me get my business started in this industry.
  • I used to talk to Jack all the time on Skype about just about anything from poker to life. He always struck me as a kind hearted individual with no ill intentions towards anyone.
  • Jack was an inspiration to me and many others in the community, that with hard work and passion you can achieve whatever you set out to do in life.

Jack was a truly awesome, genuine, kind, loving person. His energy and charisma filled the room. I had the pleasure of working with Jack and more importantly being his friend. The times I shared with him were good ones. He was possibly the nicest person I ever met.

The videos and his work will remain on this site indefinitely. However I would like to stress that no more content will be added, this website will remain as a tribute to Jack.

RIP Jack

You will be greatly missed

James Andrews (Co-founder, website developer)