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Information for Professional Coaches
Information for Professional Coaches

Do you have an interest in poker coaching?

If this is the case - we might be interested in hearing from you. Do you want to advertise your coaching services to our members? If so please contact us for information about rates.

What do I get for being a coach?

You get to advertise your coaching services to our members. You get to set your rates, the games and stakes you coach and you organise the coaching for you and your customer. If you would like to accompany your coach listing with videos or articles then this is strongly recommended and all content will be available for free to all members. This help advertise your coaching members.
As part of our professional poker coaching team - we will expect you to regularly create high quality coaching videos for our members. Our members will watch your videos - and see how good you are. Think of this as marketing yourself to our community. We currently have very generous offers for coaches, please contact us for more information.

How to I become a coach?