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College essay on Independence Day in India
ashley koree (ashleykoree)
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13 Aug, 2018 · #1
If you want to write an essay on Independence Day for your college, then it is a good thing that you are eager to write an essay on this subject. Most students like to write their essay on interesting topics. But we should try to write essay on this subject. This topic is also a good topic for writing essays. We are writing this article as an essay on Independence Day. The crux of this article is that students can read this article and write their essay on Independence Day.

India is celebrated as Independence Day on August 15th. India was liberated from the British rule on August 15, 1947. This is celebrated on August 15 as Independence Day. India got this freedom after all the difficult struggles. On August 15, 1947, the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hoisted the Indian National flag on the Lal Kila for the first time. Since then, every year 15 August 1947 is celebrated as Independence Day and on this day the Prime Minister of India hovers the National flag of India on the Lal Kila. Independence Day is celebrated in India as the day of Independence. This day is celebrated on this day in all schools of India, colleges. This day is celebrated on this day by playing the songs of worship in the entire nation. On this day, people here remember the martyrdom for freedom, how they become martyrs for India's freedom. On this day the national flag is hoisted after singing the national anthem of India in the whole of India.

This day is a government demotion. All school colleges and offices are closed on this day. People celebrate very much on this day. On this day, people here take pledge with all the powers to protect their nation. On this day, the national flag is hoisted on Lal Kila in the Indian capital. Legends of Delhi celebrate this day with great fanfare. On this day there are large numbers of people in the parade ground in front of the Lal Kila . Foreign ambassadors and dignitaries also participate in this function. On this day, 21 national flag is hoisted at the time of gun salute. After this, the Prime Minister gives his speech for the protection of the country.

On this day, the people who have given their lives to liberate our country are the people who have given the turban. After the end of the speech of the Prime Minister, this ceremony is terminated by singing the National Anthem. After that the crowd starts diminishing.

Thus Independence Day has a different significance in India. The people here celebrate this day with great warmth. This day is celebrated in the memory of those who were martyred or plagued to liberate the nation.

In this way you can write your essay on Independence Day. I hope you have liked this article and you will complete your essay on this topic with the help of this article. If you want to write or receive similar essays, then use write my college essay site. Here you can see or find more of this type of essay

monaf rashid (monafrashid1)
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10 Sep, 2018 · #2
This topic is additionally a decent theme for composing expositions. We are composing this article as a paper on Independence Day. The essence of this article is that understudies can read this article and compose their paper on Independence Day. However, I'm looking bestessay discounts and there will be sound good approach which i have noticed in this site.
Margaret J. Leeds (Margaret J. Leeds)
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8 Oct, 2018 · #3
Hello. Thanks for a great example of writing an essay. I am sure that he will be useful to many students. After all, looking at the examples of various papers, you can learn something yourself. I, for example, write a college application essay format example, so that the applicants also understand what an essay is and how to write it.

You're right. The student can not always cope with their tasks on their own. Especially if he had little practice writing college papers. And our help with the essay will be very useful.
Roberto Ghoom (roberto234)
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11 Oct, 2018 · #4
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