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RAS exam study material
Best RAS online Coaching in Rajastha (targetcivil)
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Rajasthan Administrative Services which is popularly known as RAS is civil service of Rajasthan where the selection of applicants is based upon the competitive exam. Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is responsible for managing the RAS examination. Target Civil is providing RAS exam study material to the students according to the syllabus of Rajasthan public service commission. The objective behind preparing these notes is to provide study material to the applicants. All the data that have been included in the study material are collected from relevant and authentic sources. The main points that have been included by Target Civil are history and culture of Rajasthan as well as India, geography, economy, environment and biodiversity, politics, technology, current affairs, reasoning, qualitative and quantitative aptitude, and district administration. At the end of each material, sample papers have been provided in order to make the reader more clear. It has been ensured that all the material is prepared by the experts having prior knowledge of the particular field.

Contact us at  info@targetcivil.com or call us at +91-91164-72363, +91-80786-62363 for more information.


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