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adidas gazelle grey
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adidas Sneakers 2018 Run DMC and sneaker fans incorporated classic adidas sneakers like the Gazelle into their style. The Gazelle has been a favorite due to its simplicity, and that quality has made it a timeless classic. The sneaker comes in several different colors and has seen multiple different textures in the past.

adidas Sneakers women buy First released in 1966, the shoe was originally intended for training and has roots on both the track and soccer field. At the time, all training shoes were made out of leather, and the adidas Originals Gazelle has the honour of being the first training shoe on the Three Stripes’ roster constructed from suede. Suede provided a similar level of protection, and was much lighter than leather.

adidas Sneakers mens cheap The original Gazelles were available in red and blue versions, both with white stripes. However, the colour ways weren’t just for aesthetic purposes. The red iteration featured a transparent non-slip outsole, while the blue version sported a microcell ripple sole. Both offered different levels of traction, with the former intended for outdoor wear (with handball players in mind) and the latter suited for indoors. A few years later and after a few small design changes, the Gazelles began touting the same outsoles, but maintained its two OG colour ways.

adidas gazelle grey Ask any trainer nut to tell you one of the most well known adidas trainers of all time and the Gazelle will always be up there. The history of the iconic 3 stripes style spans all the way back to the 60s, starting its design initially as a track shoe and then moving onto an all round sports trainer. Interestingly enough the Gazelle was also one of the first adidas trainers to be made from suede, something that would start a legacy with the introduction of other suede styles such as the Campus & the City Series further down the line.


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