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In Gelsenkirchen, in the hometown of [link]FIFA 19 Coins[/link] another protagonist, Jing Duoan, a relative of Manchester City’s star went out to eat. On the occasion of a big meal, he found a man at the neighboring table constantly aiming at him, and the relatives of Jing Duoan recognized He was a former member of the German parliament, so he shook hands with him in the past, and then the conversation between the two quickly entered the core stage. The left-wing politician warned the relatives of Jing Duoan: "I hope that your situation will not get worse. https://www.lolga.com ."

And a few weeks ago, when the Russian World Cup was preparing for the battle, Jing Duoan’s car was destroyed by a group of football hooligans near the hotel where the Cologne team stayed. Even after a few months, the tense atmosphere did not show any signs of relaxation. In Germany’s 0-0 draw against France in Munich on Thursday night, Jing Duoan, who came off the bench in the second half, was snorted by some German fans. entertain. In the Russian World Cup, the popular German team won the game after the group stage, but now the controversy and trouble surrounding the Germanic chariot continues.

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