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ATHENS holesale NCAA College Jerseys , April 14 (Xinhua) -- Despite a severe debt crisis, Greeks have seen an increase in the overall spending this year for Orthodox Easter, the most important religious holiday in Greece, which was celebrated on April 12, an investigation of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce showed.

Such costs during Orthodox Easter, which is considered more important than Christmas, include the big traditional Easter meal and presents for the God children holesale NCAA Jerseys , while a short trip to the countryside to celebrate Easter is also a tradition for most Greeks.

The National Confederation of Greek Commerce estimated that the cost of the traditional Easter meal was 5.23 percent more expensive for the average Greek family this year than in the past. The average meal cost a 5-member family about 104 euros compared to 99 euros in 2014.

This rise was mainly due to the shortage of lambs, which constitute the main and most basic component of an Easter meal in Greece. Because of disease and low temperatures in winter,lambs were fewer this year and their cost rose more than 20 percent, while fruit and vegetables were also more expensive by 18.35 percent.

However, the price of other traditional Easter products like tsoureki cake, eggs and the coloring which is used to dye them red dropped by 14.04 percent, 18.47 percent and 17.97 percent respectively.

The cost for the special Easter candle Wholesale Throwback College Jerseys , the traditional present that god parents buy for their god children to hold at the Resurrection ceremony in church, ranged from 4 to 5 euros for the simple candles to 40 euros for the ones with an attached toy.

Because of the unusually low temperature this year, typical Easter holiday destinations in the islands of the Aegean Sea saw an average 30 percent decrease in bookings, with popular Mykonos island reporting a hotel occupancy of only 60-70 percent and Patmos, an island of religious significance, a mere 50 percent. On the other hand, hotel occupancy in mountain destinations and ski-centers reached 80-90 percent.

In Kalavryta Wholesale Custom College Jerseys , a popular ski-center about 200 km northwest of the capital Athens, the cost for a 4-day all-inclusive holiday for a 4-member family would be around 300 euros, while in some hotels a room for four people cost 100 euros per night, compared to 200 euros last year, and a meal for four people in a local restaurant could cost about 40 euros.

In a show of solidarity to the citizens who are suffering the most because of the economic crisis, an Easter feast was organized by the Ministry of Defense and the Armed forces in the Greek Army's Park in Goudi, an area in east Athens Wholesale Authentic College Jerseys , on Easter Sunday, where 3,000 portions of Easter food were distributed to the unemployed and other vulnerable segments of the population.

The event, attended by Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, also included music and dance programs.

GUIYANG, Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- After years of cashing in on growing tourism, China's largest Miao ethnic minority village is urgently trying to retain its cultural allure in the face of a commercial boom.

In late October Wholesale College Jerseys Online , residents of Xijiang Miao village, hidden in the mountains of underdeveloped Guizhou Province in the country's southwest, formed a committee to protect its ancient dwellings.

"We have to stop the construction frenzy. If not, our future will be bleak," said Hou Tianxiang of the 17-member committee, which is made up of village officials and representatives.

The 2000-year-old village, recommended by backpackers' bible Lonely Planet Wholesale College Jerseys From China , has been called an "outdoor museum" of the Miao people. It has wooed tourists from across the world with its distinctive culture, which features 1,300 timber huts built on stilts, joyous celebrations, and stunning silver ornaments worn by women.

However, mass tourism development since 2008 has taken its toll on the village, which is home to over 1 Wholesale College Jerseys China ,000 families. To cater to the influx of urban visitors, which totaled 3.8 million last year, up from 100,000 in 2008, some old huts were torn down and replaced by modern hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Tourists hoping to find peace at the site were disappointed.

"It has very unique architecture. But it just feels too commercial," said Li Qiang Wholesale College Jerseys , who travelled 2,000 km from Shandong Province.

"Some of the buildings being built will completely block the view of the old houses along the mountainside, leaving you only the viewing platform to admire it," said a Canadian tourist under the user name "Jean-Pierre D" on tourism website China Highlights.

Despite the explosive growth in tourist numbers, villagers said they have seen fewer foreign visitors in the past couple years. "Ten years ago, many foreigners were fascinated by our village and our culture. Some even spent more than half a year living here," Hou said.

The committee has rolled out measures to strike a balance between development and conservation.

It passed a rule on October 18 limiting new buildings in the village to 15 each year. They must be built in the traditional Miao timbered style Wholesale Throwback Jerseys , and construction is subject to the committee's approval.

Committee members are now publicizing the rule in the neighborhood and lobbying villagers to dismantle modern buildings they have built.

"We've reached a consensus on protecting our village. It means that our development will get on the right track," Hou said.

(To stay up to date with the latest China news, follow XHNews on Twitter at http:www.twitterXHNews and Xinhua News Agency on Facebook at http:www.facebookXinhuaNewsAgency.)

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