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Are You Alienating Mobile Visitors?
charlotte kristy (charlottekristy)
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14 Mar, 2018 · #1
When Steve Jobs decreed that the iPhone shouldn't include the Flash Player, he threw a major curve-ball to all of the web developers and designers of the world. As the popularity of the iOS ecosystem (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches) exploded, the many websites with Flash content no longer appeared perfectly across all platforms. The long-standing promise of Flash - develop once, deploy seamlessly to all web visitors - suddenly became shattered remains of a pleasant memory.

Taking this situation into account, there are several different options for developers and designers today. First, you can just ignore mobile visitors. While this might sound treasonous, in some cases it's actually logical. Look at your site analytics before you decide to invest heavily in a mobile presence. If you had a grand total of 5 mobile visitors last month, it might not be worth the money and time to do further development at this time. Second, you can provide content that works on both platforms. This would mean cutting out all Flash, and going with solutions based on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML(5). For some situations this is the best option, especially if your site doesn't need much eye-candy; best of all, it means you only have to develop once. The downside, though, is that neither desktop nor mobile visitors will likely receive the best experience. The third option is to provide desktop-targeted content that takes advantage of technologies like Flash for the best possible experience, while simultaneously detecting mobile visitors and providing them with a separate mobile-targeted experience that takes advantage of the touch-based environment.

As far as experience goes, the final option is definitely the best one. Your mobile visitors will notice that you went to a special effort to give them an experience optimized for their device, as opposed to just recycling the desktop experience. Your desktop visitors will be impressed by the content they see, as it will take advantage of the additional capabilities of their browsing device, too.

But if you're faced with the task of developing this type of solution, it's can be a little challenging and overwhelming. Every time a change needs to be made, you have to update two entirely different sets of presentation code. Not to mention the initial time investment required to create the two parts of the experience - a time-consuming process filled with frustration as one faces the numerous bugs and unexpected behaviors involved with mobile development.

The challenges can be daunting. But if you're developing multimedia content (such as a slideshow or photo gallery) for your website, there's a better solution available today. The XML Flash Slideshow Creator v4 from DWUser.com provides something like an intermediate language - a specialized XML format - that is automatically translated into either an impressive desktop or mobile experience based on the visitor's device. By delegating the heavy lifting to the XFS Creator v4, you can create beautiful slideshows and photo galleries in minutes that take advantage of the best features of both platforms. Desktop users receive a Flash-based experience that takes advantage of features like fullscreen and mind-blowing special effects. On iOS and Android devices, users can either be shown a clone of the desktop-targeted presentation or a mobile-specialized fullscreen presentation that's entirely built around the touchscreen environment. The latter feels like a native app - easy to use, beautiful, and immersive. The end result is that all of your visitors visitors will be impressed by what they see. If you're targeting both mobile and desktop devices and need a solution to display multimedia content, be sure to check out the XFS Creator v4.

The decision on which mobile development approach to take really boils down to how much money and time you're willing to invest on behalf of your mobile visitors. And that decision should be based on the importance of this audience to your business and bottom line. I hope that in this article I've helped you understand the different options available for mobile development, and enabled you to make the best possible decision for you and your site.

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