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Authentic San Francisco 49ers Jerseys
lin chao (linchao)
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7 Oct, 2018 · #1
As the Chargers continue their “Fight for L.A. Jack Johnson Jersey ,” there’s apparently one hill that they’re not going to take.

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts made it clear he didn’t want to be identified by his old team’s new city.

Via The Big Lead, Fouts was being interviewed on San Diego’s 1090 AM Monday, when the host referred to him as a “Los Angeles Chargers Hall of Famer.”

“Don’t ever refer to me as a Los Angeles Charger,” Fouts replied. “I am proud to be a San Diego Charger.”

Fouts played all 15 of his NFL seasons in San Diego, and will probably always be one of the city’s most recognizable sports stars. And while he may have just been pandering to the home crowd Youth Christian Djoos Jersey , it certainly seems he’s not fond of the team’s cash-grab move to the north.

With the start of the regular season little more than two weeks away, the NFL will be discussing the preseason experiences with the new helmet rule on Wednesday.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, a previously-scheduled conference call will take up the issue of the suddenly-controversial new rule, which had been hiding in plain sight but which didn’t become an issue until preseason games began. But while the call wasn’t scheduled specifically to discuss possible fixes to the rule, it’s expected that participants in the call will lobby for potential tweaks.

Possibilities include expressly limiting application of the rule to the top/crown of the helmet. As currently written Womens Jaroslav Halak Jersey , the rule applies to any portion of the helmet — front, top, side, anywhere. The rule also could be adjusted to, for example Authentic Kevin White Jersey , require forcible helmet contact, to exempt incidental helmet contact, and/or to specifically eliminate from the reach of the rule hits from the side, which happen as defensive players chase the offensive player with the ball.

It’s also possible that replay review will be made available to serve as a fallback for mistakes made by officials who are trying their best in real time to identify what is and isn’t happening.

The overriding goal will be to come up with ways to narrow the focus for the officials. For now, the trigger seems to be spotting the linear posture Bryan Little Jersey , with a player lowering his head and flattening his back. Once a player assumes that demeanor, the foul becomes automatic if he initiates contact with the helmet. The better approach may be to focus on the quality of the hit, a know-it-when-you-see-it-type assessment aimed at wiping out instances where the helmet truly is being used as a weapon, not as a piece of equipment that from time to time happens to get in the way as players are trying to do their jobs.

Authentic San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

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