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certainly the easiest hairstyle to achieve
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Match of hairstyles: the ponytail tied with a tube or classic?

The ponytail is certainly the easiest hairstyle to achieve. It can - wrongly - give the illusion of a hairdress made in the "hurry". That's why some like to add a touch of originality to this hairstyle when they realize it. This is the case on the parade Cédric Charlier. The opportunity to make a hairstyle match to decide if the classic ponytail is preferred. http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk
The ponytail tied with a tube

On the parade Cédric Charlier, the models all have a ponytail that is not classic. Rather than the eternal elastic, it is a studded leather tube that serves as a fastener. What twister the tail-horse, smooth and low, rather classic. This detail within the hair can bring a touch of originality to a rather ordinary hairstyle.
The classic ponytail

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