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Anti-caking agent is the food additive that prevents formation of lumps in powder and granulated substances Cheap Richie Incognito Jersey , permitting a free-flowing condition and a uniform texture to the product’s mixture. The anti-caking market is segregated mainly into calcium compounds, sodium compounds and silicon dioxide. Some of these are soluble in water; others are soluble in alcohols or other organic solvents. Their modes of actions are either by adsorbing excess moisture, or by coating particles and making them water repellent. They are used both in food and nonfood items such as salt, cheese, beverages, fertilizers, cosmetics, synthetic detergents, and in manufacturing applications.
Calcium compound is the second largest anti-caking agent used in the global anti-baking market. It is used widely in Soy milk and almond milk. It is used as anti-baking agent and gets approved for its usage in EU, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Europe holds the major share of global calcium compound market by value followed by Asia-pacific, North America, South America and Africa. Looking at the rate of consumption and demand of the beverage section, in a couple of years Asia pacific may possible overtake Europe in the global calcium compound market.
Sodium compound constitutes the third largest market in global anti-caking agent market. Again Europe leads the global sodium market followed by Asia-Pacific Cheap Tyrod Taylor Jersey , North America, South America and Africa. It is commonly used in beer making, soft drinks, carbonated beverages, sherbet lolly pop and confectionary, noodles, baked goods, cream etc. As consumption of bakery products increases among Europeans, and therefore occupies first position in world’s sodium compound market. Due to increasing consumption of confectionery in India, China and other developing countries of Asia-Pacific regions results into higher demand of sodium compound as additive. The market is growing and in other parts it is in a nascent stage which is going to develop in the upcoming years.
Silicon dioxide holds the lion share in the global anti-caking agent market. It is used as an anti-caking agent in foods, pharmaceutical drugs, and nutritional supplements. Europe leads the silicon dioxide market followed by North America, Asia-pacific, South America and Africa. The most extensively used as anti-caking agent in castor sugar Cheap LeSean McCoy Jersey , icing sugar, coffee and chicory mixtures powder, soups, custard powder etc. Other than the three major types mentioned above other anti-caking agents are available but their usages are limited compared to these 3 major types.
Looking at the global scenario of anti-caking agents market, the trend is moving forward with a positive prospect. In the upcoming years the rate of consumption is going to be increases further. In the developed countries, they are trying to switch to natural anti-caking agents but in the developing countries it will further increases. Some parts of Asia-Pacific and majority of Africa is yet to tapped and increase the market size of anti-caking agent in feed, food and fertilizers.

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