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Inspiration comes at funny times and sometimes in funny places.

My beautiful wife seems to think inspiration comes from elsewhere but thats for another day.

Take a minute and think about it. The similarities in golfing handicaps and the way players think are astounding or at least it is to me.

What would your handicap be in the business and MLM world?

You see http://www.nhlcoyotesteamshop.com/authentic-mario-kempe-coyotes-jersey/ , just like your development in golf, MLM success hunters often seem to forget that success does not come overnight.

Your level of improvement will never be fast enough in your own eyes. There is simply no substitute for a good work ethic and practice.

In the past I have had many players who want to be professional with just as many simply wishing to be competitive and not make fool of themselves.

If Iv'e learnt anything, it's that people in general have little appreciation for how long it actually takes to excell at something.

Even with professional coaching some people would simply turn up every week looking for new answers having done nothing to improve their long term skills in the time between.

There is no easy way to say this except for that practice does not work

There is a price to pay and the price is practice and your ability to improve your skills.

Analyzing your game and implementing practices to improve is what you need. Congratulate yourself and quickly move onto the next area that requires improvement.

Can you identify anything similar to building an MLM?

The hours spent refining your skills is enormous but it depends on what level you want to achieve.

There is nothing wrong with being competent at what you do but there is a difference when it comes to excelling at something. There are no short cuts to success.

Enough of that, best I get back to handicaps.

When starting out as a beginner you have to trust me when I say you will one day look back and laugh but to be honest all you are really trying to do is hit the ball, stay patient, things will get better.

There is the occasional good result but the errors are still there along with the accompanying levels of frustration.

From memory, not even Rome was built in a day.

About now, the tendency is to throw the towel as it obviously not as easy as it thought it would be.

Keep persisting. It will pay off. Stay close to your teacher; they know what you are going through. Nobody is born with the skills; there is a process when it comes to learning.

Once at the intermediate level you will experience some great results and huge levels of improvement.

Enjoy the feeling whilst you can. on the way and it happens to everyone in just about everything we are learning.

You can always look at it this way.. One good shot doesn't make a good hole. One good hole doesn't make a good round. One good round doesn't make a tournament. One good tournament doesn't make a year and one good year doesn't make your career!

It's about the consistency of your effort.

Improvement levels become slower and more precise.

If you are still working at it, you are now well skilled and more than likely in the "A" division.

The best you can be as an amatuer is next. A scratch player. You are the cream of the crop amongst your amatuer peers and well respected for your abilities but it;s the professional staus you want.

This is for the elite, the people who commit all they have, the special few who have learnt that success requires a different mindset. This is the level where all the work pays off. Your dream.

As a professional you begin to thirst for learning and the practice that follows.
Your skills are now amongst the top tier and it is now the power of the mind that sets you apart.

Never forget your goals and revise them continually, take nothing for granted and stay comitted to continual improvement. Thats exactly what professional do!

Are you a professional with the skills and a mindset to match the very top players in the game?

I wish I could say the whole process is achievable in a short period of time. It took years of dedication. Stay calm and focused if things have not happened as fast as you would like. Perceive it, believe it and achieve it.

I can't remember anyone suggesting that success was a race.

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Understanding where youre at within the learning process will ultimately help you in both your MLM Success and your golf.

Make every post a winner in the persuit of your dreams.

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