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feldspar ultrafine mill for sale
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Ultrafine mill is an important milling production equipment developed and produced by the company. It can grind materials into very fine size according to the requirements of users. The range is between 0.038mm and 0.074mm, which is also 200 meshes. Between 394 heads. This machine has a lot of performance, one of which can be used for the grinding production of a lot of materials, while feldspar is a kind of material that it can grind, and it is also an important one for the customers to use machine grinding products.

Mining machinery processing feldspar, respectively, smashing machines, counterattack broken or conical broken, ultrafine mill or other milling machines. These machines have a fixed role, such as smashing machines, counter-attack and cone crushers are feldspar crushing equipment, through which the feldspar can be broken into a size suitable for grinding by the mill, and then through the To strengthen the grinding of ultrafine mill can be used for various industrial production.

The feldspar powder after grinding by ultrafine mill can be used for production in a wide variety of industrial fields, such as chemical fertilizer manufacturing industry, ceramics and enamel manufacturing industry, glass production industry, abrasive grain mold manufacturing industry, etc. The size of the stone powder needs to be different, and the user only needs to adjust the size of the material of the machine to complete.

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