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Giants/ex-Dolphins safety Michael Thomas supports Matt Slater’s fight to save the kickoff
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Ok, admittedly, calling it “The Fight to Save http://www.canadiensproshop.com/artturi-lehkonen-jersey-c-1_33.html Kickoffs” may be a bit on the dramatic side. But you really never know what the NFL will do to this game we love in the name of “player safety”, which is in “air quotes” because “player safety” is “NFL-speak” for “please stop talking about head injuries, we’ll do anything” and a “token we-care-a-lot move”.
(shout out to the late, [url=http://www.teamdolphinsproshop.com/shop-by-players-devante-parker-jersey-c-1_15.html]DeVante Parker Womens Jersey
great Chris Farley. You were the best, man)

Interestingly enough, you’ve probably never heard a single player say that they’re in favor of eliminating the kickoff. Weird, right?

And then there’s guys like Matt Slater, Mr. Special Teams and all-around “man, that guy has his life together”, who pour their hearts out for the world to hear explaining the beauty and quintessential football-ness of a flawlessly executed kick return (no wonder Belichick made Slate a Patriot for Life, right?). When Slater talks, especially about special teams, it’d be Kam Chancellor Jersey best if you listen first and then http://www.mushiku.com/chris-terry-jersey-c-1_27.html ask questions, in that order.

Tag in a former nemesis Paul Pierce Womens Jersey to help with the cause - safety and fellow special teamer Michael Thomas, who Patriots fans probably best remember as a five-year veteran and three-year starter for the Miami Dolphins has joined Slater’s cause to keep the kickoff in football. Thomas signed a two-year deal with the New York Giants this offseason.

Put your headphones on and check out Thomas’s http://www.cheapwarriorsshop.com/david-west-jersey-c-1_3.html two-minute message to football fans and the league: it’s almost as good as Slater’s, promise.

Oh, and he shouts out Slater for kick-starting (no dad joke intended) the movement at the end

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