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Golden boots fight for the final battle Who will create the best record
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Russia's World Cup will be a third-place battle, the Belgian team and England will once again confront each other, who will win the team's historic breakthrough.
Before the start of this tournament, the battle between Belgium and England, which is fila disruptor 2 both a European giant and a favourite, is the most anticipated event in the group stage. However, in the final round of the group stage, the two teams in the same group G had joined hands to advance in advance, and staged a "friendly match" between the reserve lineups with concerns about entering the "death" in the first half of the group. . In the end, the Belgian team won by 1:0.
The second encounter between the two teams is expected to appear in the finals. In the semi-final, the Belgian team lost the French team with 0:1 in the case of the dominant game; the England team started the game in 5 minutes. Leading the way, eventually being reversed by the Croatian team.
Compared with the air max 180 world-famous finals, the expectations of the third-place battle will be greatly reduced. However, the strong dialogue between the "Red Devil" and the "Three Lions" is still full of points.
This is an event with a "breakthrough" meaning. Despite the missed World Cup, the third place is equally significant for both teams. The best result of the "European Red Devils" World Cup was in fourth place in 1986. If the game wins, it will create the best record in the history of the team. England won the championship in 1966, but in the next 52 years, their best results stayed in fourth place in 1990. Therefore, if the "Three Lions" won the third place, it will not only create its second best result in the World Cup, but also get its best place to participate in the World Cup overseas.
This campaign is also expected to bring a wonderful goal fight. Whether it is to achieve a breakthrough or to defend the honor of the two giants, I believe that both teams will go all out. The pressure of the third-place battle is relatively small, which is more conducive to the two sides who are good at attacking to give full play to their respective advantages. At present, the Belgian team scored a total of 14 goals, becoming the team that scored the most goals in this tournament so adidas superstar womens far. The England team followed with 12 goals.
This game is also very likely to decide the golden boots. Currently, England's top two teams, Kane (6 goals) and Belgium's Lukaku (4 goals), are the main contenders of Golden Boot. Once Kane breaks again, it is bound to lock the golden boots. Whether Lukaku scored twice in the relatively easy game or even hat-tricks is also worth looking forward to.
Throughout the performance of the previous six events, the two teams have their own advantages. If both sides are fully committed to the battle, the Belgian team has a better chance of winning.
First of all, most of the Belgian team's main players have participated in the last cup, the team is more mature and stable. At the same time, because of the player's reputation and the role of the Premier League, the "European Red Devils" even replaced the England team and was called the "English Premier League."
Secondly, the Belgian team, which is run by De Blaunet, is more powerful and the offense is more impactful. Nine of the 12 goals of the "Three Lions" were obtained through the positioning of the ball, and the ability of field organization and sports combat was questioned. .
Third, the two teams had the same opponents in the group stage, but after entering the knockout round, the Belgian team in the upper half of the "death" experienced more hard tests. England's three knockout opponents Colombia, Sweden and Croatia are weaker than Belgium's favourite Brazilian and French teams.
In addition, in the three balenciaga mens shoes knockout rounds, the Belgian team ended the battle in 90 minutes; the England team hit the overtime in two games and the physical exertion was even greater. The Belgian team's semi-final is also one day ahead of the England team, and the team's rest and preparation time is more abundant. (Finish)

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