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Goodell sells moving on from Deflategate
nuykjaue nuykjaue (nuykjaue)
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14 Nov, 2017 · #1
Roger Goodells answer to the first Deflategate question Wednesday was, in part, Were moving on from that.Nice try, commi sioner.Goodells annual state-of-the-NFL pre s conference wasnt eaten alive by the scandal that finally brought the Patriots and Goodell together at the Super Bowl. But it devoured a good portion of it and time clearly hasnt lightened the tension at all.Credit Goodell for doing little to alleviateit, partly by trying to move on from it, partly by double-talking his way around it. Unsucce sfully, as it turned out, starting with the very first question, the third of the roughly 43-minute pre s conference, where he was slightly disingenuous about how the court case was resolved (it hinged more Preston Brown Jersey on the commi sioner's power than on whether the Patriots were or were not guilty).MORE: Roger Goodell tackles several big i sues in latest news conferenceDiscu sing when he has and will again attend a Patriots game only made things worse.If Im invited to Foxborough,Ill come," Goodell said, as if the most powerful man in the sport needed permi sion to attend a game. That was pointed out to him a few minutes later, and he said, I have no doubt that owner Robert Kraft would invite him despite the acrimony of the last two years, adding, Thats up to him, though."He also said he was at Patriots playoff games just two years ago, on back-to-back weekends, just as he had done in Atlanta while being accused of avoiding Foxborough. Left out, of course, was that the 2014 playoffs took place before Deflategate that the AFC title game, in fact, was ground zero for the entire case.Goodells most direct, and seemingly le s deflective, moment came after a question even later about his relationship with Kraft who made a very noticeable entrance to the room and sat in the front row Nathan Peterman Jersey for the pre s conference. Two years earlier, at the Super Bowl in Arizona, Kraft had held the most contentious pre s conference of his career, daring the league to prove its case and demanding an apology if it couldnt.Of how he and Kraft get along now, in the season in which Tom Brady finally dropped the case one level shy of the Supreme Court and served his suspension, Goodell said:MORE: Trump called Goodell names in '15 NY Times interviewListen, we have a disagreement about what occurred. We have been very transparent about what we think the violation was. We went through a lengthy proce s, we disagree about that. But I continue to respect and admire Robert, Jonathan (Kraft, the team president), the entire organization. They are an extraordinary organization, they're extraordinary people in my view.But that doesn't change that we have to compartmentalize things that we disagree on Im not afraid of disagreement, and I don't think disagreement leads to distrust or hatred. Its a disagreement you take your disagreement, you find a common place, and you move forward. Its not at all of a personal nature, which I know people like to make it. But for us, its about making sure we do whats right for the league in the long term.Still, Goodell didnt get to just addre s the conflict between league and team Seantrel Henderson Jersey , or commi sioner and owner. How it all reflects on the publics faith in the league and in him was brought up.The thing you always have to do, every day, is earn that trust, earn that credibility, he said, and its how you act and how you do things being transparent, making sure people understand the decisions you make.Those are the exact i sues the public increasingly had as this i sue, and numerous others on and off the field, have dragged on in recent years. In this same pre s conference, for example, he was asked about the viability of the much-maligned, yet still ratings-strong, Thursday Night Football package."Weve seen high-quality football on Thursday nights, he said. It was a surprise that the sighs of disgust from the audience watching around the country werent picked up by the microphone in the pre s conference.Goodell did acknowledge that fans particularly Patriots fans whose hostility have formed the biggest reason his appearance in Gillette Stadium might not be wise are acting as expected when an investigation goes the way Deflategate did.MORE: Robert Kraft just wants to move on from DeflategateFrom our standpoint, we understand where fans who are loyal and pa sionate about their team object and don't like the outcome. I totally understand that, thats not an i sue for me, he said.Its hard to envision them liking the outcome of his latest answers to this latest round of questions.If the Patriots owner has reconciled everything with the commi sioner and moved on enough to offer a seemingly gratuitous invitation Marcell Dareus Jersey to return he might still be the only one.
metro chemdry (metrochemdry)
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16 Nov, 2017 · #2
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