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High efficiency sand making machine strucure
xiaomo lin (kathryn)
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With the increasing pace of infrastructure construction and the increasing demand of sand and stone materials, high performance sand machine equipment is needed to meet the demand of large amount of construction sand. Here we introduce a high performance sand making machine. High efficiency sand making machine is after years of research, development and production of mining machinery, on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign similar products advanced technology with international advanced level of development of a new generation of energy saving and efficient crusher, its performance in all kinds of ores and finely equipment plays an irreplaceable role.

The high efficiency sand making machine is composed of rotor, liner and hammer head. It uses the high-speed rotation of the rotor to realize the crushing of materials. The material is directly dropped into the high speed rotating impeller by the feed inlet, and the material is impacted by the centrifugal force of high-speed rotation, and the lining board and the board hammer are hit, thus achieving the purpose of crushing.

The structure of high efficiency sand making machine is simple and reasonable, self-propelled crushing, unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design, so that the machine has the characteristics of heavy load and high speed rotation. And it has fine grinding function; It is widely used in roads, railways, Bridges and other industries.

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