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How do you gain wow gold online with 5% off for upcoming expansion
Henery Thomas (rs3gold)
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2 Feb, 2018 · #1
The BasicsClash buy cheap wow gold of Clans is a game produced by the company Supercell. The premise of this game is to build a village join a clan and then smash other players heads in for their resources they worked so hard to obtain (waiting and playing other games while the collectors do everything).
So getting Started, you will find that you have a town hall that has random (useless) villagers coming from it, builders hut and some resources. Hopefully you are following the in game guide at this point and you don't need any further info.
Now, you may ask how can I grow my village to a booming pinacle of Roman or Persianic might and begin ensuing havock upon the masses and that is what this lens hopes to achieve.
My name is KilroyKT I am a member of the Sons of Anarchy2 Clan in clash of Clans and my goal here is to expound upon how to be a cohesive member in a clan and how to build your might without wasting time.
anonymous 2 years ago
They should really make like a clanVSclan tournament. Where clans compete for rewards if they achieve a number if victories. The gens rewards that they have now are only going to go to the big spenders where if they give the other players a chance to get gems they mught get encouraged to buy more after they get a taste for them. The tournament should match clans based on either total trophies and or overall level of the members. Just a suggestion to make this game even better. :D
Now there are many different layouts for a village, you have the Cross for the religious, the Box for the simple thinkers, the Maze for the zany, and then you have the Defenseless for the NOOB!
So how can we avoid total and utter noobery? Quite simple your layout must have these concepts in mind:
1 The Town Hall is the most important in the trophy protection
2 Mortars have a range where they can't shoot
3 Walls are meant to delay not block
4 Resources are what your enemies are after
5 Diversions allow your defense to work
So that being said attached is my boring layout. I will use this as a way to express good house keeping ideas, NOT the end all be all of defensive layouts.
Looking at my base you can see I have put my Town hall in the center with my Banks surrounding it. The reason this is done is to prevent enemies from having direct access to my stored loot. My mortars are positioned where they can hit you but you can't stop them and ive given my enemies plenty of things to waste time on. So in future threads i will explain in more depth the function of each base item
So by now you have become adept at building your perimeters and are needing advice on what ot upgrade first.
You could upgrade gold or elixir, possibly barracks, even defenses. But you should NEVER upgrade your Town Hall if your defenses arent ready for the next step in buttkickings.
A simple process to go by is to always keep elixir and gold producers max level first. Now i know that you are thinking, "Hey I want the next level in troops right away." But this is not the best step you will be regretting it later, we are talking the never ending game of catch up here. mortars, canons, archers, wizards, and hidden teslas (shhhhh you can't see them). These will not only help deter attacks but ward off the braver more beastly players.
So now can i have my barracks?. NO you need to pimp that base with some walls because wooden fences are so 1700's we are talking crystals and gold.
Aaaaaaand finally whatever else u haven't upgraded is up to you to upgrade and whenever you like from that point forward.
The town hall is an important piece to your village, upgraded wisely gives you access to new buildings and defenses.
Only advice i can give here is don't upgrade too fast. if you can stay at level 5 town hall till your completely upgraded do so your not helping yourself by upgrading without having the resources or defenses to back it.
Defending this building is paramount to gaining trophies which we will discuss in another thread.
Have fun with this its your biggest expense and most important.
1 AttackingYou will receive during an attack phase 1 star for reaching 50% destruction of a foe, another star for killing his Town Hall, and lastly 1 more star for bombing them back to the stonages
Defending is important to do just right. I know it seems silly but you want to actually lose around 40 percent of your base when you are attacked. The reason for this is it will activate the shield that prevents any further attacks. This is good for when you don't want to lose the resources you just pillaged from someone else.
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