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I wanted to load the latest version of EQMOD
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Why https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/nema-23-stepper-motor/ would you should do eliminate the SynScan control? EQMOD, which was developed by the UK’s Chris Shillito along with talented programmers, adds capabilities the HC is missing. As the years have gone by, features are added to the SynScan firmware, however it still falls behind the actual NexStar HC, iOptron’s Gotonova controller, and Meade’s Autostar. Nevertheless above and beyond including extra stuff, EQMOD does one vital thing: it fixes the particular SynScan mounts’ somewhat lackluster goto effectiveness.
While the SynScan HC is often more than adequate with regard to imagers going after 1 or 2 targets a night with a fairly wide-field set upward, for people cruising to a lot of celestial destinations throughout an evening—video observers https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/nema-23-stepper-motor/ or visual users covering a large number of ground for whatever reason—the SynScan HC’s goto accurate or lack thereof can sometimes be frustrating.

Its shortcomings in this particular area are mostly caused by its simple goto place system. The 1-2-3-star alignment of the HC is comparable to what Celestron GEMs were using almost 10 years ago. In contrast, EQMOD features sophisticated alignment algorithms along with a system that allows numerous alignment points as desired being added to the position model—one, two, or several, is OK, but you can do ten if you want—or sixty.

In order to get the mount working with EQMOD again—I hadn’t utilized the driver in several years, largely because I hadn't used the mount www.omc-stepperonline.com much in the long time—I to start with needed to round up my EQDIR cable. Since you can run EQMOD utilizing a serial cable connected for the HC (after enabling that SynScan controller’s “PC Direct” setting, which bypasses the HC), EQMOD is usually more stable and trustworthy using an EQDIR wire.

My EQDIR cable, the actual Shoestring Astronomy USB2EQ6, plugs in the mount’s hand control opening on one end, and one of several laptop’s USB ports to the other. That’s possible as it has a built around USB-Serial converter (recommended), but you can aquire models that plug in an outboard USB – serial converter wire instead. One thing Never to do? Never connect an average serial cable https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/ to that mount’s HC port. The voltage level will probably be wrong. That’s the major intent behind the EQDIR cable, converting serial voltage levels for the TTL levels used by the mount’s hand control port. EQDIR cables come with two flavors: one with a DB9 connector for the actual HC ports of EQ-6 (Atlas) brackets, and one with a strong RJ connector as to the HEQ-5 and EQ-8 (Sirius/HDX) Treasures.

I wanted to load the latest version of EQMOD, that we obtained from the EQMOD Yahoogroup, which tends to have later versions along with the EQMOD Sourceforge site. I also needed to mend EQMOD, which (thanks in my experience no doubt) had been a little squirrelly the omc-stepperonline.com/stepper-motor-driver/ last time frame I'd used it, MY PARTNER AND I recalled. I suspected the problem lay in EQMOD's. ini file, which is carried over unchanged once you install a new version with the driver.
So, I loaded the new version of EQMOD after which you can, using the EQMOD Toolbox app that accompanies the driving force, I deleted the EQMOD. ini file (if the. ini is usually deleted, the next time EQMOD must be used a new one will probably be automatically created). Testing using the (included) EQMOD simulator, which can be a godsend, showed my weird problems had been banished.

EQMOD is not just a standalone program, it is usually a driver, and must be used along https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/stepper-motor-driver/ with a planetarium program. Most people using EQMOD pair it with either Cartes du Ciel as well as Stellarium, both are beneficial choices, but EQMOD may be used with any ASCOM similar value program.

When the sky finally began to receive dark, I plugged the particular EQDIR cable into Atlas as well as laptop, turned on the actual EQ-6, and started StellariumScope plus Stellarium. I selected “EQASCOM” inside the ASCOM Chooser window, and then pushed that “Properties” button to configure the motive force (there’s a separate EQMOD Setup app added to the driver if you need to use that instead). I configured the typical things: com port, baud quote, etc.,etc. See the EQMOD Wiki for particulars.

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