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By Gao Lu

HOUSTON http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/mens-air-jordan-11-low-black-gum-black-white-basketball-shoes.jpg , Sept. 23 (Xinhua) -- In the aftermath of tropical stormHarvey, expert believed city planners should take environment intoserious consideration, otherwise Houston will lose its economicmomentum.

Category four Hurricane Harvey made a landfall along the coastof Gulf of Mexico late August. The storm brought unprecedentedrainfall to the greater Houston area, killing dozens of people.Texas Governor Greg Abbott said damage from Hurricane Harvey wouldlikely reach 150 billion to 180 billion U.S. dollars.

In the aftermath of the disaster, the city is left asking whatcould have been done to prevent the extent of the catastrophe http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/378037-107-air-jordan-retro-11-xi-concord-2011-white-black-dark-concord-a11007-grade-school-s-shoes.jpg , orat least diminish its effects.

Rice University civil engineering professor Philip Bedient saidHouston is particularly susceptible to flood for a few reasons.

First of all, Houston is built on a flood plain. The city sitsonly about 50 feet above sea level. That low elevation combinedwith rapid urbanization over the past few decades to create anuntenable situation: paving over the bayou marshland has allowedflooding on a scale unseen in decades in the city.

Sencondly, the urban sprawl -- meaning low density developmentover a large area - has limited the city's natural drainagecapacity. When concrete is poured over green space, Bedient said,the city loses capacity to absorb water. Sprawl has beenexacerbated by a recent population boom and development growth inthe city. But the problem goes back decades.

Last but not least http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/authentic-air-jordan-11-retro-378037-006-black-gamma-blue-black-varsity-maize-mens-shoes.jpg , Houston government lacks the will or policyto be serious about flood control. Houston proudly touts itself as"the City with No Limits," playing up its Wild West heritage ofendless land and opportunity. But it is also the largest U.S. cityto have no zoning laws, meaning you can build whatever you want,wherever you want.

According to a Washington Post investigation, since 2010 http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/authentic-air-jordan-11-retro-378037-006-black-gamma-blue-black-varsity-maize-womens-shoes.jpg , morethan 7,000 residential buildings have been constructed in 100-yearflood plains designated by Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA).

During an exclusive interview by Xinhua, Jim Blackburn,co-director of Severe Storm Prediction, Education and EvacuationCenter from Disasters in Rice University http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/authentic-378037-117-air-jordan-11-retro-white-black-legend-blue-mens-shoes.jpg , said Hurricane Harvey hasgiven Houston a lesson about not having the right plan for heavyrainfall.

He suggested geographic zones should be mapped and separatepolicies should be considered for what might be regarded as the"safe" area, "transitional" area, where only single-event floodinghas occurred, and the "buyout" area, which will become a keyelement of future green infrastructure that will http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/authentic-378037-117-air-jordan-11-retro-white-black-legend-blue-womens-shoes.jpg , along with the"safe area," provide urban design definition to the Houston oftomorrow.

The areas that have never been flooded is the spine of futuredevelopment, he said. But for the areas that have been flooded formany times in the past, government should buyout those houses andmove people out.

"So we have a buyout area that becomes the green zone, if youwill. We give that to the water. That's the water's area. And thenwe work on trying to make more efficient use of that. We did bigstorage ponds in there http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/mens-womens-air-jordan-11-space-jam-basketball-shoes-black-dark-concord-white-378037-003.jpg , and we made it green space and recreationalareas," said Blackburn.

For the areas in between which have been flooded once or twicein the past, various types of measures should be done to bringflood back into the "green zone."

Actually, buying out houses in often flooded areas in Houstonhas been going on for years. Harris County, where Houston islocated http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/378037-041-air-jordan-retro-11-xi-space-jam-black-varsity-royal-white-a11006.jpg , has already bought out more homeowners than any county inthe country with spending 225 million U.S. dollars in purchasesover the last 20 years, according to FEMA.

Earlier this month, Harris County unanimously approved a plan toseek more than 17 million U.S. dollars to buy out more than 100homes at the highest risk of flooding in the county. The county'sCommissioners Court agreed to submit a grant application to FEMAthat, if approved, would enable the Harris County Flood ControlDistrict to buy and demolish 104 homes http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/mens-air-jordan-11-retro-thunder-black-yellow-basketball-shoes.jpg , some of which have floodedmultiple times in recent years.

Blackburn admitted the buyout plan may take a lot of money, butit will protect people's lives and save money eventually. "At somepoint you just have to say, enough. I'm sorry, but we've got to dosomething different," he said.

He believed the devastating flood Hurricane Harvey rang a bellfor authorities and city planners. "We've to get a lot smarter.We're going to have to use our heads and inform our developmentpolicies about what we've experienced."

"I think Houston can lose its role as really one of the economicdevelopment hopes that the United States had had over the lastseveral decades. Houston has been a continuing success story. Thatcould be over if we don't get this right http://www.cheapbook.org/images/pic/Jordan2015/Jordan-11/mens-air-jordan-11-retro-two-rings-white-metal-gold-varsity-red-basketball-shoes.jpg ," Blackburn said.Enditem

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew said on Wednesday that China's current RMB exchange rate fluctuations reflect market forces, pointing to the G20 forums as important mechanism to foster global commitments.

Market forces are now putting downward pressure on the RMB, and the U.S. needs to accept that, Lew said in the question and answer session at the G20 Hangzhou summit preview event held by the Brookings Institution.

China has made it clear that it will move in an orderly way towards a more market-determined exchange rate, and is prepared to do that, said Lew.

But he added that China needs to allow the RMB to appreciate when the market forces are driving the RMB up.

In the upcoming G20 Hangzhou summit, Lew said that the U.S. will call on G20 members to use fiscal and other policy tools to support strong growth, and take measures to make sure working and middle class families can share benefits of growth and global economic integration in response to the rising skepticism about the globalization.

According to Lew, the U.S. will also

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