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Mafia City, it's a game that sometimes excels at that blend
Asuna xing (mafiacitydd)
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10 Jul, 2018 · #1
The Mafia City gameplay, while not as inventive, is sound - a by-the-book cover shooter that’s equally competent at action as it is at stealth. The gun sounds are crunchy, the bloody splatters on bullet-riddled enemies are satisfying, and the near-gratuitous stealth kills that caused a bit of a stir during those early trailers feel narratively justified by the fact that Lincoln is meant to be a killing machine, inured to extreme violence by his experiences in ‘Nam.

In a neat little touch, your decisions about whether to act violently or not at certain points feed into Lincoln’s later actions. Right at the beginning, I got to decide whether or not to kill a tied-up man during a robbery. Naturally, I shot the poor bastard right in the face (just to, er, test out the physics engine). A short while later, I made an unpleasantly brutal stealth kill where Lincoln smashed a man’s face repeatedly against the smouldering inside of a furnace (“he was blatantly a racist,” I kept reassuring myself).

Wilson reveals that these two kills were in fact connected, and that if I hadn’t killed the guy at the start, then I would have choked out Furnace Man rather than turning his face to mince. This isn’t some kind of good/evil character evolution, Play Mafia Online, Wilson tells me, but “a few small moments where Lincoln’s actions respond to yours”. It’s almost like Lincoln’s constantly on the edge of exploding into extreme violence, and you can choose whether to feed his PTSD-induced urges or resist them. Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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