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My hairstyle to get out of the pool
wigshumanhair wigshumanhair (wigshumanhair)
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The beautiful days are back and with them the desire to dive again in a swimming pool. Although ... Diving the head in chlorinated water is often synonymous with dry hair in need of hydration. To protect yourself from chlorine, avoid putting your head in the water. If you can not help it, here is the post-pool attitude!

You often arrive at the pool with lots of good resolutions. The first is to play sports, simply. The second to come out with perfectly dry hair. But an accident is so quickly arrived (or a desire too strong) that you often end in the shower with the need to wash your hair. http://www.wigshumanhair.co.uk

Rinse your hair and wash with a mild shampoo. This eliminates the chlorine but also the smell associated with it. To style them, take a gel. Take a hazelnut in your hands, rub your palms and pass them through your hair backwards. Insist on the top of the head, less on the half-lengths and spikes. You will display a perfect wet look to get out of the pool with style. human hair uk full lace wigs


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