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Negotiating With The Enemy: Inside the Richard Sherman-49ers Contract Talks
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“We’re on the 1-yard line here!” 49ers GM John Lynch said late Saturday afternoon to the free-agent corner he was recruiting, Richard Sherman. “We can do Mel Blounts Womens Jersey this! We can put this in the end zone!”
Sherman smiled. “I’ve been at the 1-yard line before,” he said, “and it didn’t go so well.”

Lynch said: “I promise you, we won’t throw it this time.”

This was not your typical negotiation. Here, in the inner sanctum of the team Sherman kept out of the Super Bowl four years ago, the most hated rival in recent San Francisco history spent four hours on Saturday afternoon negotiating his own contract with no agent. Imagine David Ortiz negotiating with Brian Cashman. For four hours, the football version of that scenario happened in Santa [url=http://www.izzmedya.com/teddy-purcell-jersey-c-1_3.html]http://www.izzmedya.com/teddy-purcell-jersey-c-1_3.html
Clara, Calif. Lynch and veteran http://www.cheappacersproshop.com/victor-oladipo-jersey-c-3_15.html Niners cap man Paraag Marathe on one side, Sherman and his fiancée, Ashley, on the other side.

And the specter of Super Bowl 49 reared its head. Lynch didn’t http://www.mushiku.com/alexei-emelin-jersey-c-1_8.html realize he was conjuring up a bad memory for Sherman—the three-year-old memory of the Seahawks passing on second-and-goal from the one instead of running Marshawn Lynch, down four points to New England in the final minute of the Super Bowl. The Russell Wilson pass, of course, was intercepted by New England’s Malcolm Butler at the goal line, and instead of being a two-time Super Bowl winner, the Seahawks suffered the bitterest last-second loss in Super Bowl history.

Now Sherman could smile about it. And very late in the talks, Sherman said for the second time that he wanted to sleep on the offer. He wanted to think. This was too big a deal to rush, and there were the Lions and the Raiders and, yes, the Seahawks he had to consider and get back to before making the deal.

“We are right there,” John Lynch said, having structured the three-year deal that Marathe Mike Daniels Youth Jersey called “one of the most complicated contracts on our team,” with much of it massaged by Sherman. “Let’s do it!”

Sherman, of course, hadn’t represented himself like this before, but he did know one thing: If the deal didn’t get done right now, and if he walked out and took a couple more free-agent trips, the Niners might not be there for him in a few days. “I would assume if I leave, some of the things in this deal would get walked back,” he said to Lynch. Could be, he Authentic Preston Brown Jersey was told.

So much at stake. Twenty-eight hours earlier, he’d been released by Seattle. Richard Sherman needed time to think.

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