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wang qing (wangqing)
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28 Feb, 2018 · #1
A 51-year-old man known to be involved in exposing Besa Albanian Mafia dark net website http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/ondrej-palat-jersey/ , where hitmen for hire and assassins take orders online, was fatally shot in the chest after he answered a knock at the door of his Manitowoc home early Friday morning, February 5th. Authorities later identified the man as Kor Yang.

The shooting occurred near 9th and Wilson around 5:30 a.m.

I am going to show how to fight Besa Mafia, who is killing and shooting anyone who fight their site

Manitowoc police say the suspect fled the scene following the shooting. At a news conference Friday http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/alex-killorn-jersey/ , Capt. Larry Zimney says no one is in custody, but the public at large is not believed to be in any danger.

?Kor Yang was involved in exposing the illegal actions of Besa Albanian Mafia, through their new Dark Web site where they take orders online for killing and beating up people.

Besa Mafia, the Albanian Mafia that operates in the USA and EU has a website accessible on Dark Net with a special onion address accessible through the Tor Browser where customers can place orders for illegal activities such as hiring hitmen and assassins. Payment is done with Bitcoin online through an escrow system to guarantee that neither the customers nor the hitmen are trying to scam each other.

Besa Mafia http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/chris-kunitz-jersey/ , who's website and services are accessible to the general public as easy as searching on google are offering their illegal services online since 2013 and according to their website have 634 successful hits done since then without being disturbed by Police or FBI.

Their members take orders online, and killing costs as little as $5000, customer does not have to give their real name nor address, only target information.

To avoid being tracked http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/tyler-johnson-jersey/ , customers can not pay with credit cards or wire transfers, instead the only payment method accepted is Bitcoin, a virtual Currency that is hard to trace and track, making customers practically fully anonymous.

Kor Yang has fought Besa Mafia exposing their illegal activities for some time now http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/anton-stralman-jersey/ , and had paid with his life for it.

The Besa Mafia website continues to be operational despite all this, and they are claiming the life of Kor Yang on their website as to discourage other people from exposing their site and illegal activities.

We do hope that Police and FBI will shot down the illegal website of Besa Mafia as soon as possible, to stop other people from ordering killings and beatings through their system.

Besa Mafia is a real website that can be accessed by Tor Browser

I am not going to disclose here the address because I do not want more people go on their website to order murders

To all who want to fight Besa Mafia, please go around on Forums and post comments saying they are fake and fraud. Lie about this where you can http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/jonathan-drouin-jersey/ , maybe their reputation goes hurt and they don't get so many customers

I know that they use an escrow system with multi sig feature, this basically gives the customer full control over his funds, the hitman can't run with his funds nor the Besa mafia site, but most people don't know what escrow system is and that they can't be ripped off http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/mikhail-sergachev-jersey/ , so lie and say they ripp off people

Stop Besa Mafia, lie about them and give fake comments

For more information visit http:fighting-besamafia or http:oiiuv2gwl2jhvg3j.onion.link Forex Trading Basics – 4 Rules You Need To Know To Get Constant Profits In Forex Buying And Selling Forex Trading Basics – 4 Rules You Need To Know To Get Constant Profits In Forex Buying And Selling June 23, 2012 | Author: keeranjoraj | Posted in Business
Beneath are a number of the details that any trader should have on their fingertips before coming into the planet of Foreign exchange trading. Forex buying and selling is quite tough Most brokers will mislead you and let you know that forex investing is extremely simple just so that you open an account. the simple truth is that 95 percent of traders newbies lose all their invested money the first 3 months. Make sure you educate yourself and practice buying and selling critically just before you invest a penny. The good factor is that anybody can find out this trade as long as they are committed. Most newcomers will fall short to adhere to directions to the letter. Many traders have effectively grown their account from virtually absolutely nothing to hundreds of thousands but not everybody has the chance to perform that very good. That doesn’t imply you can’t be considered a productive trader. You do not must work challenging, be clever or intelligent to acquire Forex buying and selling may possibly not be the perfect work for everyone but that doesn’t imply in any way that you simply must push your self over your limits. All you need is to function within an intelligent way. It is possible to find out this trade within a short period of time and be successful. If you’re keen http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/nikita-kucherov-jersey/ , not all of the millionaires are nerds or mathematicians. That stated, they’ve the abilities to follow fundamental instructions to the letter. They may well not know a whole lot about the concerned math, however they sure know the way to play their cards, stay away from losses and increase earnings. Keep every little thing Simple The Forex marketplace does not demand complicated math http://www.cheapnhljerseyslightning.com/steven-stamkos-jersey/ , you simply have to play it straightforward and you are going to acquire. Do not hear individuals who say that prediction is critical in winning. Predictions are as disappointing as horoscopes. Pay attention to your foreign exchange charts, they’re the only thing that might let you know the reality and will never lie to you personally. Manage your cash If we needed to list all of the fundamentals of foreign exchange investing, income management need t. Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Soccer Jerseys Wholesale Replica NHL Jerseys Wholesale Custom MLB Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys From China Baseball Jerseys Free Shipping Hockey Jerseys Wholsale Football Jerseys Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys Online


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