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Sand, Shells and Saunas Inspire a High-Traffic Restroom
jinesh patel (jineshpatel672)
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My clients wanted a beautiful bathroom for guests to make use of, but it also needed to function for young children coming in from playing outside,Abstract Art ” the girl says. “They asked for ‘a spa-

like feel, ’ which is a demand we get often and i believe means different things to different people. We thought of a sauna space with wood walls and tone-on-tone materials to make it feel serene. ”

Also, the homeowners particularly liked the look of weathered wooden. One more inspiration emerged from the home’s location in top of the Beaches area.Large Abstract Painting
Wheelband combined all of these factors and created a style of “rustic beach chic. ”

Location, Location, Location

This new mudroom was also part of the renovation and offers an easy transition from garden pool to pool bath (through the door on the left). The floor tiles continue seamlessly between the mudroom and the bathroom. “The floor ceramic

tiles have a sandy look, further adding to the beachy theme,Oversized Canvas Art ” the lady says.
Sand, Shells and Driftwood

The first recommendations for the area were the driftwood-like shower stall tiles and the weathered-wood pride,Abstract Art which became the jumping-off point for the

materials and color palettes. The close by beach inspired the material palette — driftwood-like wood on the vanity and a wavy reflect frame that mimics oyster shells and the sand-like pattern on the flooring.

Maintaining an Open Feeling

Whilst at 70 square foot the bathroom is not compact, keeping it sensation as large and open as possible was part of the “spa-like” goal. Raising the vanity upward on tall feet gave it a freestanding furniture look rather than a

built-in one. And the way the floor floor tile extends underneath it gives the room an airier feel than a vanity with short legs or a toe-kick could have. Also, this setup left room to tuck the HVAC vent out underneath.

Rustic Chic 48-inch vanity: Fairmont Designs; ceiling light: Bouclair; sconces: Union Lighting; floor tile: Olympia Tile


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