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Since last season, Aaron Rogers was attacked by Anthony Barr in a near-season reimbursement, in order to follow the voices of various teams. This season, the NFL introduced a more detailed new rule to protect passers. "The defensive player doesn't allow the weight of the whole body to be applied to the quarterback in the pass." This is the focus of NFL referees this season. In order to better find the penalty scale, in the day's game yesterday, the referee whistled a total of 14 fouls for "roughly treating the passers", which is twice as much as all the relevant penalties in the first week of last year. To know that in the past three seasons, there were only 6.8 such whistles in the weekly game, and in order to follow the new rules, the referees seem to have made many effective quarterbacks into fouls. According to Al Rivelon, vice chairman of the NFL Referee Association, there are indeed some misjudgments in these fouls www.lolga.com.

"This rule clearly states that 'defensive players can't treat the passer with all or most of the power'. In the past few weeks, we have played a lot of videos to [link]Madden NFL 19 Coins[/link] guide the teams. In this week's game, we About 5 or 6 times in the quarterback, a foul will be whipped. This time Myers Garrett's penalty is wrong, although he seems to be a very strong impact on the quarterback, but This should not rise to a foul."

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