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Snap up wow gold on safewow with up to 3x reward points
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6 Jan, 2018 · #1
Computer <a href="http://www.safewow.com" title="wow gold"><strong>buy wow gold</strong></a> tycoon Bill Gates has been toppled from his 13 year standing as the world's richest man.</p>
<p>The founder of Microsoft has been pushed into third place on the Forbes rich list, despite a fortune of 29billion and a 1billion increase in his wealth last year.</p>
<p>His spot on the Forbes magazine rich list has been seized by American investor Warren Buffett, with an estimated worth of 31billion.</p>
<p>Coming in second place was Mexican telecoms entrepreneur Carlos Slim with an estimated 30billion empire.</p>
<p>Scroll down for more. billionaire to ever appear in the Forbes billionaire rankings.</p>
<p>The website, which he set up to keep in touch with friends he made at Harvard, has made the 23 year old 755million.</p>
<p>Scroll down for more. billionaire</p>
<p>Britain based billionaire Lakshmi Mittal moved up the table of the world's richest men from fifth position last year to fourth.</p>
<p>The Indian tycoon who owns a 65million mansion in London's exclusive Kensington district saw his wealth increase by more than 3billion to 22.5billion.</p>
<p>Moving on up: Britain based Lakshmi Mittal rises from fifth to fourth place</p>
<p>Also in the top 20 table is Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich, whose fortune in oil was calculated by Forbes at 11.8billion.</p>
<p>Warren Buffett's rise to No. 1 was particularly noteworthy, Forbes said, as it came at a time of great financial turmoil and as Buffett has begun to siphon off part of his fortune to charity.</p>
<p>"Even though he is giving away a piece of his fortune each year, the stock of Berkshire Hathaway, the source of Warren Buffet's wealth, has been rising very rapidly," chief executive of Forbes Magazines Steve Forbes said, noting Buffett's fortune climbed 5billion in the last calendar year.</p>
<p>Indeed, in June 2006, Buffett announced plans to give 85 per cent of his fortune away, granting it to the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and four family charities.</p>
<p>Bill Gates serves on the board of directors of Berkshire Hathaway and is a long time bridge buddy of Buffett. Gates has also given a substantial amount of his fortune to the foundation.</p>
<p>In the early 1960s, Buffett started to invest in Berkshire, then a struggling textile maker, and took it over in 1965.</p>
<p>Since then, he has transformed it into a holding company for more than 50 companies, ranging from Dairy Queen ice cream to Fruit of the Loom underwear.</p>
<p>Scroll down for more.</p>
<p>Back of the net: Roman Abramovich has an estimated 11.8billion fortune</p>
<p>Gates has held the top spot since 1995, when he unseated Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, a Japanese real estate tycoon who fell off the billionaire's list last year after receiving a suspended prison sentence for falsifying financial statements and insider trading in 2005.</p>
<p>The collective net worth of the world's 1,125 billionaires which has almost doubled in the past four years soared to 2,200billion, Forbes said.</p>
<p>Well read: JK Rowling is the only British woman on the Forbes rich list</p>
<p>Russia came in second place with 87 billionaires.</p>
<p>A total of 35 UK citizens are dollar billionaires, but the UK is home to 49, with 36 calling themselves Londoners.</p>
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