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My brother is a fan of online gaming. He loves the latest trends in gaming technology. He started playing the cue sports on his mobile phone recently. Memorizing all the rules Wholesale Mike Adams Jersey , (such a quick learner he is!!), he became a snooker addict. My mother searched a snooker academy for him to play the real game. How aggressively parents want their children to leave the mobiles phone and go outside!!
Well no points for guessing, a real snooker game is more complex than online one!! Though he took a lot of time in learning, but his avid interest in the game made him stay put. He says, “Snooker is much more fun and much more complicated than any other sport.”It has more tact, strategy, precision and complexity.
Along with his game, he keeps a constant check on snooker century breaks, maximum breaks at http:www.rkgsnooker . He keeps a track of the latest ranking and other related data. http:www.rkgsnooker has up to date news of the Cue Sports from around the World. It has some interesting sections like history of the week Wholesale Devin Funchess Jersey , player’s birthday article, blogs.
Not only http:www.rkgsnookerfeatures tutorials to hit balls on cloth with different techniques and tactics in their enriching articles, but also throws light on the journey of success and failures of various snooker players. The website keeps a track of the events by maintaining a calendar for round the year and the prize money associated with eachsnooker tournament.
Snooker is more of a meditation than a sport. In this success-obsessed world, it empties you of ambition and concern. But not yet, my brother wants to feature on the snooker century break list featured on http:www.rkgsnooker . A "century of centuries" refers to a total of 100 breaks of at least 100 points each. Only 15 players had reached this milestone in professional snooker tournaments by December 2001. He is kid,we thought, he won’t know the finances involved. But wait, he says he has planned everything. He wants to participate in RKG Open Championship that offers over 25 lakhs as the prize money.
Ravindra Kumar Gupta, a business tycoon has changed the national snooker scene with big prize money RKG Open championship for the snooker players. Mr. Gupta since early age of sixteen had fervent desire for Cue Sports. He played the game with perfection and enthusiasm and he is promoting this game with same zeal since last four decades. He is sponsoring lone Indian professional and genius player Aditya Mehta to play for two years (2016-2017 & 2017-2018) in professional circuit.
My brother says he wants to play such a game. And why not. India has a rich tradition of sports which can be dated back to ancient times and the spirit of sportsmanship burns high in every Indian. For a sport originated in India Wholesale Shaq Thompson Jersey , wait you did not know snooker originated in India, right? Sigh, yes so for a sport originated in India, everyone should be fervently enthusiastic,isn’t??

I don’t know about others but my mother is extremely happy. She senses a fervent desire in my brother to do something, become the best snooker player. Snooker did give him a sense of ambition, a dream to achieve!
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Equipment Design

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