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There are too many grateful things in the world. I want to thank the great motherland. I want to thank my parents for t school of sound, body and beauty. It has three tall teaching buildings. Every day, you can hear the sound of the book and the beautiful music. Each classroom is fully equipped. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and you can feel spacious and bright as soon as you enter the classroom. Rows of neatly arranged tables and chairs, a long, large blackboard. The ground is spotless. The subject teacher teaches everyone the knowledge here; the language teacher reads the text to the meeting; the English teacher teaches classroom is a brand new plastic playground. The students are chasing and playing here. The fal, grandmother Wholesale Cigarettes. Headmaster grandma. After all, the principal��s grandmother is over 70 years old, but she is not lazy. She wakes up with us all the time and concentrates on reading the newspaper when she has time. It can be called "live to the old, read to the old". It also solemnly said at the conference: "I run everything for the students, for the students, for all the students." In the past few years Cigarettes Online, the principal's grandmother also went to the mountains to visit Carton Of Newports, helping those who have no money to study, to go to school, deep Loved by some mountain people. I am proud of having such a good principal in our school, and my heart secretly made up my mind: I must be eager for the alma mater of all of us. During my four years at this alma mater, I have had setbacks, but my sentence is proud of being in such an alma mater.d the 90th anniversary of the alma mater, Jimei Middle School. We also welcomed many alumni at home and abroadhis grand and festive day, many alumni, regardless of the distance of the distance, regardless of the barriers of thousands of mountains and waters Carton Of Marlboro Reds, from all corners of the world, have returned to the embrace of the alma mater. Among the returning alumni, there is a 101-year-old alumnus who returned from Guilin. Despite his high age, two sorrows, and inconvenient movements, he still made a special trip to come to celebrate his alma mater's birthday and come to offer his own blessing. On the evening of the 19th, alumni and school teachers at home and abroad, 3,000 students at the Xianglu International Hotel held a teacher-student relationship, which also pushed the 90th anniversary of the alma mater to a new climax. The enthusiastic speeches of alumni at home and abroad seem to be telling the enthusiasm of each alumni by telling each past that belongs to the concentration. Looking at the touching picture of the scene, who can not be moved? The students can't help but ask, what makes thenked the alma mater for creating a good reading environment for them Cigarette Online, and laid a good founda you teacher. Perhaps some students will think that gratitude is too far away from us, and we should be able to be grateful until we become famous. But this is not the case. The source of gratitude is not money and property, but a grateful heart. We should not be grateful to the school for smearing the school. It should not ruin the environment of the school. It is a grateful expression to pick up a piece of paper. Its weight is equal to that of the gold. When we are grateful to the teacher, we should not let the teacher worry about us and do what we should do. It is the language of gratitude.

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