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Be it a grand ballroom Cheap Sandy Koufax Jersey , a get-away cabin in the mountains for entertaining, or one's personal residence, having an entryway atmosphere that surrounds one with both elegance and serenity makes a statement of luxury.

One catches their breath from the impact of entering an evocative, masterfully designed area which wraps one in a visual presence of both peace and safety. Prior stresses melt in the warmth and beauty.

Every entryway, foyer or rotunda possesses a significant, unique individuality. The entryways with the highest intrinsic value feature floors of natural stone, like marble, onyx, or granite - and even in-laid semi-precious stones. A master designer can create a unique medallion for insertion in the entryway floor. This medallion, a large emblem or medal that might be circular, oval or even square, can reflect the homeowner's personality and could represent a family crest or a favorite architectural style. The medallion becomes the focal point of the entryway and the foundation for all interior design in the area.

Matching marble or other natural stone borders can be designed to surround the outer portions of the entryway floor, or even be placed on the walls, to graciously lead one on into other areas of the home. Because natural stone comes in thousands of color variations, the designer is never limited in expression.

In the case of commercial sites such as airports, theme parks, restaurants, or in institutional settings such as universities Cheap Maury Wills Jersey , government buildings, or museums, the medallion might be the logo of the local sport team or represent an historical happening unique to that area. It can represent a point of pride, an attraction that customers remember and bring visitors to see.

Public areas need entryways and floors that are durable and that can withstand dirt, snow and mud, along with the impact of high heels and other potentially damaging items. Fortunately, marble and natural stones are truly capable of handling all that befalls them. Plus, they are quite stain resistant.

A marble and natural stone medallion in an entryway is stunning and was once seen only in cathedrals built centuries ago. Now, due to the precision of waterjet technology, a master craftsman can design an intricate pattern consisting of thousands of pieces of fine marble, granite, onyx and semi-precious gems and have them cut to perfection. The assembling of these pieces reflects another artistic skill, as this assembling is done meticulously by hand and thus also requires a unique craftsman.

Those who love luxury cherish a grand entryway that reflects true artistic expression and inspires both peace and joy.
Top five reasons to rent a limo bus with Angel Limos. Published: 16.04.2008 | Author: dfwlimo@hotmail | Category: Air Travel, Destinations, Restaurants, Tour, Travel, Travel & Leisure Cheap Kirk Gibson Jersey , Vacations

Limousine buses or limo buses as they are commonly referred to are becoming a great trend in the wedding planning industry. They are becoming the main choice of limousines for wedding parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette party, barhopping, birthday parties, sweet 16 parties, Quinceanera parties, prom nights, and even corporate functions. The reason behind is that, a limo bus is very practical when it comes to dealing with large groups of people. Where a traditional limousine can support up to 15 to 18 guests at one time a limo bus from can seat 25. Buses are used commonly for transporting the wedding party from venue to venue throughout the wedding day for a bride or groom.

What is the difference between a limousine bus and a standard bus, it is the luxury. A limo bus is the combination of both bus and the luxury of a limousine. A limo bus can accommodate up to 25 guests. Our party buses limo buses are equipped with 42′ plasma TV’s, state of the art stereo, DVD & CD Player, lots of laser lights, disco balls that move to the sound of the music, fiber optic lights, 7 feet high beautiful mirror ceiling, I POD ready. Limo buses also offer a more glamorous look to a wedding event than a standard bus Cheap Babe Herman Jersey , both inside and outside.

The top five reasons to rent a Limo bus are Wedding parties, corporate events, sporting events, bachelor parties, bachelorette party. They can also be used for barhopping, birthday parties, sweet 16 parties, Quinceanera parties, prom nights. It has the luxury of holding up to 25 people but is a fancier upgrade to a traditional bus. Corporate functions have really taken the practicality of the limo bus and have really incorporated it into their travel plans.

Limo buses play the role for everyone and everything involved. It has the capabilities of offering multiple guests the luxury of enjoying the limousine environment without the humdrum of a standard bus. This has an adverse effect not only on the guests, but it makes the whole ambience of the wedding party one that is trendy, classy and sexy all at the same time. So the next time you are thinking of how you can get all of your guests to be taken from venue to venue, consider a limo bus from Angel Limos, it holds up to 25 people and the ride is first-class all the way!

You’ll find the professional service you deserve when using Angel Limos. Our unique approach has proven successful with an overwhelming rate of repeat, satisfied customers. Please visit us at www.angellimos.net and call us today at 214-416-1316 or email us at contactus@angellimos.net to make your reservations.

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