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Xiaoye Shi (Xiaoyeshi)
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6 Aug, 2018 · #1
We live in the age of modernism. But even today we sadly find that women are not accepted as equal to their male counterparts. They are still looked upon as the weaker sex that is meant to fulfill only household duties. But people Camo Kenny Golladay Jersey , and particularly me, should realize that it is very respectable for a woman to carry out household chores as well as assign herself to other fields of activities that interest her. Women should be free to carry out whatever they wish to pursue.

One such activity, which we now find more and more women engaging in is motorcycling. When we think of motorcycling, stereotypical images such as helmets Camo Teez Tabor Jersey , fancy leather jackets, dirt, dust and most of all brave men and women, come to our minds. But motorcycling has always been a sport for the men Camo Jarrad Davis Jersey , one does not readily think of women participating in it. Women in the field of motorcycling were looked upon as embellishments for the male bikers and those who stood aside to watch and cheer for their favorite bikers. But today these images of women are being wiped out. They are proving to not only match up to their male counterparts but at times also better than them and are not only riding motorcycles but also racing them.

But somehow even today, with the growth in the number of women motorcyclists, we find men who still treat this sport as one that is patriarchal and do not welcome women very sportingly. But thankfully there are men who do accept women riders and do not even mind racing with them. Thus, women still need to struggle to find a place in the field of motorcycle riding. It is unfortunate that there are still people who restrain women from certain fields of activities Camo Kerryon Johnson Jersey , where they might out do men, and give the excuse of women being weaker than men. Thankfully, now a days many women are taking up positions that used to be held only by men, at one time. Thus ensuring a bright future Camo Frank Ragnow Jersey , not only for themselves, but also for the upcoming generations of women.

Today, many well known motorcycling companies who design special motorcycling attires such as jackets, moccasins etc. Black Graham Glasgow Jersey , are designing such attires even for women such as motorcycling boots for women, women?s Minnetonka moccasins etc . Some of these well known companies are Harley Davidson, The Ladies Cowhide Red Leather Jacket and the Ladies Basic Motorcycle Jacket. These companies help in protecting the brave women who ride and travel distances on their motorcycles.

Motorcycle riding not only thrilling and exciting, but it also carries many challenges along with it. But thanks to these very challenges Black A'Shawn Robinson Jersey , women riders go ahead and work harder for this thrilling and exciting passion that they have in them.

Thus, we have come to find that motorcycle riding is soon becoming a more developed sport since women are also engaging in it. And one must never forget that women are equally deserving as men and thus have the right to undertake whatever activities they want to, whenever they want to, otherwise we will never be able to proudly call ourselves modern and secular Black Michael Roberts Jersey , even if we advance in terms of technology.
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