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CHISINAU, Nov. 15 (Xinhua) -- Moldova's presidential elections winner, Socialist leader Igor Dodon Tuesday called on his rightist opponents to be calm and stop the street protests, so as to avoid a split in society.

He made the appeal at a press conference, following protests staged Monday and Tuesday by his rival supporters dissatisfied with the election outcome.

The election results were recognized by many international observers, both of the OSCE, PACE and the CIS Parliamentary Assembly, stressed the pro-Russian leader who won the Sunday presidential runoff with a score of 52.18 percent of the vote, defeating his rightist rival Maia Sandu who took 47.82 percent.

Yet, Sandu and other rightist leaders said that citizens have "every right" to protest.

The protesters gathered in the capital's central square, in front of the Central Election Commission(CEC) and the Constitutional Court, requesting the dismissal of the CEC head and the foreign minister for obstructing the constitutional right of overseas Moldovans to vote.

They also asked for running the elections again, so as to ensure everyone's right to vote.

Meanwhile, Sandu, who insisted the runoff elections were rigged, called on the people to sign a petition to render the Nov. 13 presidential runoff null and void.

"Don't play with fire," Dodon warned, revealing that tens of thousands of supporters are waiting to come to counter-protests.

Dodon stressed that he undoubtedly won the election. "For seven years, we pro-Moldovan forces have waited for this victory. Do you think we would not defend it?" the Socialist leader reiterated.

Moldova held the presidential runoff on Sunday, as none of the nine candidates competing in the presidential race received an absolute majority of the votes in the first round of direct presidential elections on Oct. 30.

The presidential race marked the first time in 16 years that the country was electing its leader by national vote instead of having parliament select the head of state.

The presidential elections are generally viewed in the country as a battle between pro-Russian and pro-EU camps.

Landlocked between Romania and Ukraine, the former Soviet republic is still shrouded in the shadow of a corruption scandal in which about 1 billion U.S. dollars, or around 10 percent of the country's gross domestic product (GDP), disappeared from its banking system at the end of 2014.

The scandal sparked large-scale protests last year, eroding confidence in pro-European politicians that have led the country since 2009 and has partially contributed to the Socialists' gain in popularity.

LONDON, Oct. 7 (Xinhua) -- Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain's main opposition Labor Party, made more appointments Friday to his front bench team ahead of the Parliament's resumption of business on Monday.

A number of Labor MPs handed jobs by Corbyn were among the 64 who resigned in June following a massive fall-out between the leader and his parliamentary group.

The walk-outs came after 172 Labor MPs backed a vote of no confidence in Corbyn as leader of the party.

But after the 67-years-old leader kept his job in a second landslide leadership win within a year, Corbyn pleaded for unity.

At the party's annual conference in Liverpool last month he held out an olive branch to his estranged MPs.

Corbyn described his new shadow cabinet as having the largest number of black and minority ethnic (BAME) members of a front bench team in British political history.

Two of what are called the "great offices of state" are being shadowed for the first time by female MPs.

Emily Thornberry was already the Shadow Foreign Secretary, now joined by MP Diane Abbott who Corbyn has appointed as Shadow Home Secretary, Labor's main minister on domestic and interior affairs.

Corbyn's close ally, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John Mc Donnell kept his key job.

A spokesperson for his team said Friday night: "Jeremy has made new appointments to the shadow cabinet ahead of parliament's return on Monday to ensure Labour leads a strong and effective opposition. Shadow cabinet elections will be considered by Labour's national executive committee as part of a wider party democratisation at a special meeting next month."

At least five of his new team were among those who quit in June. A number of former shadow ministers have refused to serve under him. These include Welsh MP Owen Smith who challenged Corbyn in last month's leadership election.

Tom Watson, the party's deputy leader, was Friday appointed by Corbyn as Shadow Culture Secretary.

The traditional Labour supporting tabloid, the Daily Mirror commented Friday night: "Jeremy Corbyn has flexed his muscle over Labour by promoting allies and bringing rebels in from the fold in a major shadow cabinet reshuffle."

But in a sign that full unity has not been restored to the Labour camp a number of MPs reacted angrily to Corbyn firing the respected Labour Chief Whip, the MP Rosie Winterton.

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