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What's a verified member?

When communicating with other people via the internet, you don't really know who you are talking to. Anyone can pretend to be someone they're not. Verifying your personal contact details helps reduce anonymity which directly makes our community safer.
Anyone who becomes a premium member is sent a welcome pack containing a verification code to the home address given in your profile. Once receiving the welcome pack and following the contained instructions you will be able to verify your account. This simple method builds trust among members and strengthens our community.

How do I become verified?

Verification is only available for premium members. Upon completing your first payment, we will send you verification details by post. You will usually receive this within two weeks. Sometimes we will be able to automatically verify your details upon your first payment to us. In this case your profile will automatically be set to verified.

Do I have to become verified?

You don't have to become verified, although we do strongly encourage it. All premium members have the opportunity to become verified. Being a non-verified member does not hinder your access to our premium content. However verification is a requirement for writing references for listed coaches. This is to prevent fraudulent references.