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Hoodlincs, NL100 Live session

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: preflop raising, 3betting, 4betting, live commentary
Jack plays 4-tables of NL100 on Full Tilt and commentates live
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steve fillier (HitHitHooray) · Join Date: 10 Jan, 2012 · Number of posts: 0 14 Jan, 2012
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Love the vid, all the content you put up is really great actually, you put so much of what you teach into use here and you never seemed lost in any hand at all, the AK vs KK hand is a thing of beauty (I wonder though why he can't drop them there, I mean I get that he puts you on a busted flush but, if the situation was reverse, are you ever calling a shove there, would you ever see yourself trying to talk yourself into a call....I get that its pretty player dependent....is that simply a situation of a player not being able to drop KK's or was he really just that confused by that flop play, I guess I'd have to ask him that, I'm thinking him having the Kc played a factor some how).....all this makes me realize how bad a player I was/am but as I make my way back in to the game, I'm definitely going to work much harder at it, vids like this make me believe in the process and feel that progress is possible, great work....
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