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BillFristLOL, 100NL Rush

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: preflop raising, cbetting, session review
Daniel reviews a 2-tabling session of NL100 on Full Tilt. Suitable and recommended for all micro stakes players.
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Drasko Klikovac (konfuchie) · Join Date: 9 Aug, 2012 · Number of posts: 0 9 Aug, 2012
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Around 14:00 we value bet/fold K9 on table 2 vs opponent that has already taken some weird lines. I just think that's a check back. In most cases when he bets the flop and check/call the turn he is often behind but when he calls the river he is often ahead and there is obviously a possibility that he re-raises as a bluff, not often but sometimes. It just seems to me that value betting K9 there is -EV play.

Just after that we open TT UTG and get 3-bet by the on position guy that 3-bets 18% if I read your HUD correctly. I think all options here are fine but I think that's good opportunity to 4-bet. Even though he only folds 50% to a 4-bet it is just 155 hands sample and we probably can profitably go to flop with initiative OOP or just fold to a 5-bet shove.
I also I don't like checking twice after we turn open ended straight draw. I don't think he folds way to often, but I do think he always bets turn with air after being checked to him twice. If he raises it is enough info for us to fold and if he flats we can still profitably value if we hit one of our 10 outs.
Pete C (mUnKey) · Join Date: 1 Apr, 2011 · Number of posts: 3 28 Jul, 2011
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Solid video.
Mark Donkey (Mark.Donkey) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 9 26 Jul, 2011
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very nice, covers a lot of subtle but important stuffs that are hard to come across in forums/videos, like how important equity affects decision to cbet/barrel

Huy ! (j10s) · Join Date: 25 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 28 26 Jul, 2011
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Daniel Hasse is a boss.
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