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Chundoi NL200 Live (No HUD)

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: live commentary
John plays 4 tables of NL200 Live without using a HUD
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Johnathan Chan (CHUNDOI/THATSSOSICK) · Join Date: 24 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 103 27 Sep, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
Thanks for watching Oliver. I 3bet there because although I'm folding to a 4bet, I still think people will be calling there fairly wide CO v BTN at small stakes. I do not necessary think he will fold 99/TT/KQs/AJ-AQs/AQo and JJ plays very well v that range especially in position.
Oliver Klozoff (OliverKlozoff) · Join Date: 15 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 2 25 Sep, 2011
Free Member
1:30 in: so if we're going to fold to a 4 bet... and a reg is unlikely to call a 3 bet oop... why exactly are we 3 betting?
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