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Concept of the week 7: Calling 3bets

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: session review, preflop calling, floating, slowplaying
Jack's concept video this week discusses calling a re-raise from an opponent.
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Johnathan Chan (CHUNDOI/THATSSOSICK) · Join Date: 24 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 103 26 Apr, 2012
HLP Instructor Verified Member
depends if youre ip or oop. personally i think ip v certain players calling pps is fine but its very villain dependent.
brody zagar (The Situation) · Join Date: 10 Dec, 2011 · Number of posts: 0 18 Apr, 2012
Free Member
could someone else comment about flatting 3bets with small PPs 100bb deep? Ive been told to fold so many times by lots of players.
Joe G (zzzzzzzz) · Join Date: 20 Jun, 2011 · Number of posts: 32 12 Oct, 2011
Free Member
great video jack. thanks, and I look forward to hearing more on this topic soon.

I'd be interested in hearing/seeing the maths that you alluded to when you said we can pretty much always flat with PP's 100bb deep in order to set mine. I've heard others say that we can't do this... I'll take your word for it for now!
Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 10 Oct, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
I should point that I don't discuss calling 3bets out of position in this video - that is because I don't recommend ever calling 3bets out of position because being out of position makes it so much harder to play. stick to 4betting or folding.
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