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Hoodlincs, NL100 Full Ring Rush Member review 1/2

Stakes: Micro · Game: NLHE Cash - full ring · Topics Covered: preflop raising, preflop calling, 3betting, cbetting, leak finder
Jack reviews the play of a HLP member at NL100 Full Ring Rush and offers his thought process
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Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 18 Sep, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
well a couple of points is that in normal games people will pick up on your betsizing and yeah you have to base it more on the texture of the board etc, although against fish i will still bet small when i miss and bet big when i hit. in rush though its super hard to get reads as you see way less of the hands that people take to showdown. so people wont pick up on your bet sizing as quickly.

with QJo i would probably just fold from the sb and call from the bb. if his fold to 3bet is insane like 85% or something then yeah you can 3bet but i have never seen anyone sustain that over a large sample. and when he does call you need to be check folding a lot of flops.

with J9s i would just c/r if he is the sort to cbet a lot of air there (which almost everyone does). the reason is that its hard for him to fight back as its an expensive bluff if he wants to float and take it away on the turn, or 3bet the flop. most people wont. you do rep a narrow range but its the type of spot where its hard for him to do anything.
Alex Birch (Birchinio) · Join Date: 10 May, 2011 · Number of posts: 120 17 Sep, 2011
Free Member Verified Member

Where I 3bet QJo vs the btn open - Is flatting here gonna be more profitable than just turning it into a bluff when the guy folds so much to 3bets and doesn't 4bet a lot? (His call 3bet was 4% and 4bet was low over a good sample).

I like the logic for checking back the AJs on AQ4, makes perfect sense.

@ 21.24 - I defend J9s and the flop comes A53r, I thought about raising because of my backdoor outs but then my logic was that I just rep a tiny tiny range, since there's no dynamic where he's seen me raise AJ etc here, do you just think that doesn't matter and we should raise anyway? Ah ***t you covered it afterwards nvm.

You comment on me not stealing enough in LP, I actually thought I might be doing it too much.. I generally base it on who's behind so when you see me fold like 53s in CO etc it's because I don't fancy playing OOP vs a loose fish or theres a reg who 3bets me a fair bit in the blinds. I think you're right about the quick fold though I'm gonna really up the stealing in CO/BTN and see how I get on.

@44ish you comment on my bet sizing, generally I base it on the flop texture and not my hand strength, I always thought this was the best way? Eg I bet bigger on wet boards and smaller on dry board?

Comments were great you explain things really well so cheers for that! I think it's clear I'm not used to FR so now I've changed back to 6max lol.

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