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Hoodlincs - NL100 session Part1

Stakes: Small · Game: NLHE Cash - 6 max · Topics Covered: session review, preflop raising, cbetting, floating
Jack reviews a session where he plays 4-tables of NL100 on Pokerstars with a focus on making notes and exploiting weaker players
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Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 25 Oct, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
if the turn was a q/t and he checked, i would definitely check back. like you said, it doesnt help my range and additionally a lot of stars regs seem to be checking hands like 88 in that spot planning to check call (i think they should be 2barreling personally).

regarding aces, i think that people are probably iso-raising fairly tight from sb v btn, and have a pre-determined stack off range preflop consisting of tt+ and ak in that spot. So i definitely get it in vs quite a few hands pre.

when the flop comes and he cbets if i raise i do look strong because, same reason why you dont squeeze bluff when a shortstack fish calls preflop, theres too much chance he just decides to get it in and you have to showdown air.
BloOd LusT (w1ntermadness) · Join Date: 22 Mar, 2011 · Number of posts: 7 24 Oct, 2011
Free Member Verified Member
In the KJ hand at ~42 mins, what would you do on a Q/T turn (broadways that don't make your hand but that you can't really rep anything on, except for floats, which you shouldn't expect an unknown reg to give you credit for?) Would you check behind and bet smallish on the river to represent a thin value bet? Or just bet it right away and hope villain just check/folds without thinking about your range much?
Also, I personally disagree with the idea of 3betting big hands vs regs with fish behind. Yeah your equity decreases when you see 4 cards vs two players, but you're gonna making them pay a lot to see the 5th and most probable card to allow their hand to beat yours. And against the argument that you look strong when you raise the flop with a shortstack behind (which makes no sense anyway), IMO you look even stronger when you 3b as an unknown, with the SS behind.
Nathan Evers (Teevers) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 70 13 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Thanks for the reply.

With the Q9 I can see that shoving is probably optimal until you have reads that this guy can't spazz out with his remaining $25.

I agree with your KJ analysis. I think at the site I play on regs are so straightforward OOP vs a raise that it doesn't matter too much what you rep here, so I take the aggressive line until they do something about it. I'd also prefer to be able to represent a more probable trips or turned aces up as you suggested if the reg was capable of doing anything about it.

I think I've been making these raises more often since I saw Phil Galfond talk lots about how raising the turn small vs barrells is probably way underused in current NL games.

Keep the vids coming mate.
Jack Wilcox (Hoodlincs) · Join Date: 16 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 253 13 Oct, 2011
HLP Instructor Verified Member
with the Q9 hand on TTx x K, if he has total air yeah he may fold to a min raise, but the problem is that if he's just a fish who's randomly clicking buttons he may decide to do something funky with his air, or call because of pot odds with even ace high. its the type of spot where if he had a big draw on the flop/turn he may feel like he 'should have won' the pot, and decides that if he cant win with the best hand hes going to re-bluff or whatever. In a spot where I literally give him zero credit for a Tx hand or better, I dont mind risking more to guarantee a fold.

I think I talked about raising the turn with KJ if the flop was something like 779 instead of 334, but on 334 theres literally nothing I'm repping by raising the turn. Perhaps this doesnt matter against a bad reg at NL50 but I like to be conscious of what I'm representing when I'm making moves.
Nathan Evers (Teevers) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 70 13 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
In the KJ hand I prefer raising the turn to floating again as we can sometimes fold out Ax and any mid PP that decided to fire a thin turn bet.

If we then find out his turn range is very polarised to good Ax+ and bluffs we could consider a double float if if shuts down a lot on the river. The easy value of just taking it down a ton with a turn raise is nice though and a lot simpler vs relative unknowns.

Look forward wait to hear your thoughts on this
Nathan Evers (Teevers) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 70 13 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
KJ float when the turn brings an ace. In this spot vs a likely tag/lag and only a few hands between us I always raise their turn barrell on this ace to about 22 with any non value hand that I floated the flop with. It only needs to work 50% of the time.

I think he barrells the turn probably with 100% of his non value hands. If he opens 25% in the CO he's going to have to fold the turn to our raise with almost everything.

On the ace I think it works a lot. It's also probably a profitable raise on any turn Queen or Ten as he probably barrells these with hands that can't call a raise more than 50% of the time.

I think i'd keep making this play vs him whenever I float a dry flop IP and the turn brings a card he'd barrell a lot, until he show he can fight back enough.
Nathan Evers (Teevers) · Join Date: 26 Feb, 2011 · Number of posts: 70 13 Oct, 2011
Coach Verified Member
Great Vid. Good to have you back.


With Q high facing his lead representing nothing but air or A hi I'd usually just be minraising his river bet as this would only need to work 40%.

I don't think he can rebluff when you rep a ten so hard with this minraise line, and don't think he can call with Ace hi.

Just seems like shoving is risking more than we need to. What do ya think?
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